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Benefits of being listed on a CEX->
We are targeting a broader audience: 1. Small buyers [Probably most of the crypto user have invested only
10-1000$, eth fees and 3% fee is discouraging volume from this audience]
2. Newbie buyers [ Most crypto audience is newbie, they only know about CEX, a simple method to exchange crypto ]
3. The “I don’t know how this works” [ It is much more complicated and not user friendly to unwrap, wrap, set a node, waiting time and this can discourage the audience in trading Zenon ]
4. People who like to bid and set their own price
5. The stingy one like me who would like to donate the eth fees for a good Zenon cause

A CEX will setup the base for a higher volume and that is for sure, I listed the reasons above(I think there are more reasons. I invite you to add more reasons, I will edit the post and list them.)

If we get listed on a CEX, 3% fee will be a killer for uniswap.

I propose to eliminate this fee in order to not kill uniswap and redirect all the funds in a marketing campaign or CEX listing.

Most of the community agrees on one point, we need marketing. Let’s use the 3% funds for marketing if you don’t like to use it for a CEX listing.

My opinion is that we need both, when zenon was 2$ some of us were like “Nooo, marketing in bear market is useless” I will tell you what is more useless, not doing anything at all about marketing and zenon plummeting to 0.20 cents. If we would have done a marketing campaign probably our price would have been higher and have enough money for another campaign to attract more buyers and devs. As you can see time is proving us that without marketing Zenon will plummet if you like it or not due to the reason that we depended too much on the devs part and not so much on the hype-marketing strategy. Paradoxical is that marketing would have helped us with devs much more than what happened until now, so marketing it’s the base for most projects. Paradoxical is that some shitcoin with a marketing campaign is doing better than our Goliatus, it makes me sad to see this…definitely it was a mistake to not start imitating other succesful shitcoin behavior. Even with a failed marketing campaign is better than not to fail and learn something from this.

Zenon community donation

Why should I pay eth fees and 3% fee instead of paying a marketing campaign, a CEX listing, a meme contest, or a telegram moderator? This is dead money and we should take care of this situation. I’m sure that there are other community members who would like to spend this money on something productive and that’s why I am willing to donate monthly for a good cause.

I invite you to exchange opinions about these subjects.
How much is a CEX listing? I’m sure we can fund this with our own money and then we can fund a marketing campaign from 3% fee funds and donations.

  • Eliminate the 3% fee and use the funds for marketing campaign
  • Eliminate the 3% fee and use the funds for CEX listing
  • Don’t eliminate the 3% fee
  • I am willing to donate for marketing campaign, CEX listing, telegram moderator and other similar projects
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1- Small buyers do not care about bridge fees. These people buy memecoins with 10% sell taxes. They do care about ETH fees, though.

2-3 Newbies can benefit from a simple UI like using uniswap. I think we might be .able to simplify the bridge onboard and go from Uniswap to using NoM in very few clicks using a metamask snap.

4-I would say this is a small target audience, we could easily cater to institutional big players using our P2P swaps, we just need to provide an OTC desk. Biggest benefit from this type of audience.

5- We can pool together community funds for any initiative.

We do not need CEXs to generate volume. All we need is users. The users are already in the DEXes. Look at Uniswap and Pancakeswap numbers. All we need is to market to these people.

Gain volume market share in these Dexes → Get listed on CEXes for free.
This is the way. It makes sense economically, and it follows our ethos and values.

Let’s not forget Poloniex got hack for $100M a few days ago. Probably an inside job to rug some crypto.


isn’t the 3% fee only for those bridging ZNN from NoM to Eth?

The bridge fee shouldn’t prevent adoption of new users buying direct on Uniswap, only Eth fees are required to be paid.


We need to get a professional marketing team

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We have it. It’s @mehowbrainz . What we need are people willing to follow his lead.


I need qualified assistants experienced in web in marketing. They’ll come as I slowly outsource certain channels i.e. outreach campaigning for PR, organizing Telegram AMA’s etc.