2023 Marketing Roadmap Discussion

Let’s discuss Marketing related priorities for the next 12 months. These priorities will become active open projects which’ll get listed on zenon.org and #marketing teams will be campaigning to attract the necessary talent to complete these priorities. In this Staging sub-category, a new topic will be kept open for each of these priorities to funnel applicants and create a space for conversation.

Before a project is staged into the “Forum | Staging” subcategory, it’ll require discussion/voting in this topic.

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I’m currently working on porting the current zenon.org content to the new Nuxt3 revamped codebase. Will allow the translation of the site’s locale file into any language using GPT4.

The development of the syrius.zenon.org WalletConnect funnels to come next.

Actually you can open Syrius using syrius:// links. Inside Syrius we can handle the links accordingly.

For example I’ve implemented the syrius://wc:walletconnect_link action. I parse the wc:walletconnect_link.

We can define custom actions:

Stake: syrius://znn/stake?amount=100&time=3
Delegate: syrius://znn/delegate?amount=1000
Fuse: syrius://znn/fuse?amount=120
Deploy Sentinel: syrius://znn/sentinel?deploy=true
Deploy Pillar: syrius://znn/pillar?deploy=true

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Thanks, do you need to know the exact source URLs? We haven’t chosen the paths yet.

Only browsers can handle https:// scheme on desktop.

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Thanks just saw you updated your post. All is clear now.

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How’s your progress? We can use the same approach for Syrius.


Moving along with the pages. The locale translation will be the last thing I’ll do. Depending on the languages, I have a feeling that we’ll need to add some conditional styling as things may need to resize depending on the language enabled. Here’s some zenon.org analytic data which can help us pick languages.