2023 Finance Roadmap Discussion

Let’s discuss Finance related priorities for the next 12 months. These priorities will become active open projects which’ll get listed on zenon.org and #marketing teams will be campaigning to attract the necessary talent to complete these priorities. In this Staging sub-category, a new topic will be kept open for each of these priorities to funnel applicants and create a space for conversation.

  • Market Making on STEX
  • Provisioning liquidity pools (topic pending)
  • Arbitraging bots (topic pending)
  • CEX listings
  • Aggregator integrations (topic pending)
  • and more…

Before a project is staged into the “Forum | Staging” subcategory, it’ll require discussion/voting in this topic.

Inviting current LP’s into the conversation cc @shaimo … we should discuss where we anticipate opening pools once the ETH bridge is rolled out cc @sumamu

I guess the main relevant options are uniswap and sushiswap. Need to decide which single pair to focus on - with stable (usdc/usdt) or eth…