2023 Development Roadmap Discussion

Let’s discuss Development related priorities for the next 12 months. These priorities will become active open projects which’ll get listed on zenon.org and #marketing teams will be campaigning to attract the necessary talent to complete these priorities. In this Staging sub-category, a new topic will be kept open for each of these priorities to funnel applicants and create a space for conversation.

  • Dynamic Plasma (important priority per Kaine)
  • WASM
  • zkRollup scaling
  • NFT Standard
  • DEX / Atomic Swap Order Book
  • Sentinels
  • Syrius Improvements

Should we come up with a list and then prioritize that list? I started to think about this in the context of @mehowbrainz efforts to get more devs, and the open source zkRollup SDK under development. Should we evaluate the open source zkRollup under development or should we make one from scratch? If we wait, how does that impact the SC layer, if at all.

For some devs this might not matter and they will focus on things that interest them. Which is expected. But for @mehowbrainz who is trying to attract devs, I think a roadmap will help him shape the type of devs he attracts. Thoughts?

Before a project is staged into the “Forum | Staging” subcategory, it’ll require discussion/voting in this topic.


Appreciate you proposing this, it’ll help to contextualize the state of the network and path forward for devs. Once we agree on a finalized list, I can tag/order the gantt charts with some numerical order to contextualize the priority.

On the website we also have listed:

Probably need to include an entry for side-chain/layer 2 effort for Smart Contracts/WASM if we go down that route

@aliencoder is your plan to stick with SYRIUS for a while? Until v0.0.7 is released?

@sol_sanctum are you going to focus on Atomic swaps and SYRIUS until v0.0.7? Then maybe the NFT standard?

@CryptoFish what are you thinking for the next 30? SYRIUS Support?

@vilkris is working on .tools. Any other areas of focus?

I’m focusing on node stuff. I’ve been talking to @sumamu about helping w/ an ETH and BSC node setup for the bridge. I also plan to keep writing and hopefully learn some Go. I’m also working with @digitalSloth to dream up stuff to support his project and NoM.

After this Feb / March push what are you guys thinking? Is anyone interested in solving the dynamic plasma problem? Seems like an interesting challenge. Not sure if that is more important than Sentinels or something else.

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You can count me in. Right now I’m implementing a proper logging solution for Syrius with disk persistency and I think we’re done with v0.0.6. Still needs some testing from the community before we push the release forward.

Yes, but let’s finish the pending tasks first.


The next 30 years? :thinking:

Let’s say I’m currently focused on short time syrius development. I want to see the community succesfully deliver an update first.

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ha… 30 days. Man in 30 years I will probably be under ground!

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I’d love to see Layiid make a beautiful infographic of a generalised roadmap. I’m not smart enough to do this myself, anyone have any input as to the order of this list, or anything to be added or removed? Each milestone could also have a separate paragraph explaining it. To get the ball rolling:

1 SYRIUS –> 2 atomic swaps –> 3 dynamic plamsa –> 4 sentinels –> 5 WASM/unikernals –> 6 NFT standard –> 7 degen gambling app –> 8 exponential adoption –> 9 zk SDK Layer 2