Zenon Tools - Back pay for work delivered

Yesterday I posted a wrap-up of the current status of Zenon Tools and what was delivered during WarpDrive: https://forum2.zenon.org/t/zenon-tools-wrapping-up-warpdrive-and-whats-next/580

Looking back at it, I feel that the amount of work and effort put in + the value provided has been more than the allocated WarpDrive funds. I’ve been encouraged to seek reimbursement for some of this work via A-Z.

Here’s a rough breakdown of how time has been spent on Zenon Tools so far.

Breakdown of hours used:

  • Wireframes, design, planning - 60h

  • Web UI implementation first with Flutter, then with Angular + manual testing - 160h

  • Backend service for caching and refining market data, APR data, PancakeSwap data etc. - 60h

  • API implementation and management - 30h

  • Website hosting, server and node management - 10h

  • NoM indexer and database - 50h

  • Portfolio dashboard demo - 10h

  • Server and hosting costs for the past 6 months: ~$500

Total hours worked in the past 6-7 months: ~380h (at least)

Didn’t include the hours used for Pillar Tracker in this.

Funding received

  • WarpDrive funds: 14,583 QSR
  • Total donations: 1,135 ZNN (thank you to all donators :pray:)


Looking at A-Z proposals that are in the same range of estimated man-hours required, the funding requests are 5,000 ZNN + 50,000 QSR.

Following their example I would request 5,000 ZNN + 50,000 QSR and use the funds to spawn a Sentinel. The Sentinel’s rewards would be used to fund a treasury for Zenon Tools.

To be clear, this proposal is not about any new features for Zenon Tools, just “back pay” for the work already delivered.

Any questions and comments are appreciated!


Your project was one of the first ones to be online and was always useful.
The sheer quality of it alone.
You have my full support :slight_smile:


I spent hours on this website before getting the courage to buy the ZNN and QSR necessary to launch a Pillar. I fully support this request.


You dont get two bites at the apple my friend…

Kidding :slight_smile: Your tools have been tremendously helpful and extremely simple to use. I do think without your pillar tracker tool we would have many more pillars offline than we do today. I probably would have said yes anyway but using funds to secure the network and fund further work - I will vote yes.


I fully support this. Zenon.tools is my most frequented page by far :joy:

Also I really like the idea that you’ll spawn a sentinel- more skin in the game + the rewards should more than cover the server and hosting costs for the future.

Please keep doing the lord’s work as you have ser!


@vilkris can you share page statistics for the website? Curious to see how much traffic you generate.

Great tool, supporting your initiative! Would it be possible to add a few URL paths when selecting dropdown options in the calculator i.e. zenon.tools/calculator/sentinel or zenon.tools/calculator/pillar (as you select each dropdown option). This would allow direct-linking to each type of calculator. Could be useful in outbound settings when promoting yields.

Yeah I just have some simple server side analytics. Here are some numbers from the past 30 days.

The traffic was around 2-3 times higher at the start of this year but has come down now, probably affected by the general market trend. There are around 50 to 150 unique visitors per day. We’re still a pretty small community so no crazy traffic yet.

Thank you! That sounds like a good idea and should be doable. I’ll have to look into it.


Thank you for your quality work :clap:t2:

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The proposal has now been submitted on-chain. If the proposal passes I will then be creating a phase to request the release of the funds.


The proposal was accepted - thank you to all who voted. I now created a phase to request the release of the funds.




Thank you for your great project. Working hard and succeed.
Good luck to this project
:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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The request to release the funds was accepted today and the sentinel has now been spawned at this address: z1qqcz0rmkz7f5442hjjr0thh2v6txu4875eyrkd

The sentinel’s rewards will be used to start funding a treasury for Zenon Tools.

Thank you to all the pillars that voted and a special thank you to the community members/entities that helped promote this proposal :pray:

p.s. Working hard to deliver new features - updates coming zoon.


Hey @vilkris any chance we could find an Accelerator-Z submission on Zenon.tools by searching using the on-chain Project URL?

Do you mean you’d want to be able to find a project by inputting the project URL in the search field?

Yes, often I have to search for keywords and try to match up the Project URL.

Should be working now, I updated the endpoint. You can now search proposals by their name, id and url.

Thanks so much, much easier now!