Zenon Network Grants - Hyperspace x Accelerator-Z

Welcome to Accelerator-Z!

An on-chain venture framework that is supporting a wide variety of products or services relevant to the Network of Momentum’s ecosystem expansion. The fund at stake is represented by Zenon Fabric that has over 900k ZNN and 8,4M QSR opened for any interested entities that are capable and eager to develop on NoM’s feeless, rapid, secure and decentralized network. Grants can be submitted, voted on and approved on-chain, with payment via milestone-based phases.

This forum will serve as a place for the community to discuss proposals and gather feedback off-chain prior to submitting an on-chain proposal via SYRIUS. Once the submitter is confident their proposal meets the needs of the community they can continue to use the forum to answer questions through the voting process. Currently Pillar Operators are responsible for assessing the viability of the project voting for them to receive funding or not, however, submitters can use the poll feature here to gauge approval of the community.

Hyperspace represents the inception of Accelerator-Z, but with an augmented focus on initiatives that fulfill the vision of a cross-chain compatible network. The Hyperfund required for the Hyperspace Program will be deducted from the Orbital Program. The Hyperfund will be worth 130k ZNN and 700k QSR.

Current priorities for Hyperspace are:

Building cross-chain solutions:
• Cross-chain bridges (with other layer-1 or layer-2 networks)
• Atomic swaps and related technologies (HTLCs)
• Other interoperability solutions

SDK ports for the following programming languages:
• Python
• Swift
• Java/Kotlin
• Javascript/Typescript (Commenced @alien-valley.io)
• Rust (Commenced @2bonahill)
• Go (Commenced @georgezgeorgez)
• C/C++ (Commenced @Dumeril)
• C# (Commenced @CryptoFish)
• Common Lisp (Commenced @Dumeril)


To learn more about Accelerator-Z and Hyperspace read the medium article linked below:

To learn more about Zenon click any of the links below:

Website: https://zenon.network/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Zenon_Network
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @zenonnetwork
Bridge: https://bridge.zenon.network

To submit a proposal follow the template below: