Xeggex listing : Potential and Pitfalls - Community Input Needed!

How do we move the Xeggex listing forward?

Do we want that? It would be ideal for us due to the minimal listing and liquidity fee, but the community has declined this listing.

check chat. just sent you a message

Xeggex has actually pretty decent reviews - Trustpilot is a great website, I often check service reviews there. And final chance for listing at the old price: $2500

In comparison WhiteBit has 1-star reviews equal to the number of 5-star reviews > although WhiteBit has KYC, I trust Xeggex more

ALSO: withdrawal limit for non-KYC customers at Xeggex is only $2k > pretty much driving KYC to be completed > Xeggex cannot be said to be a non-KYC exchange


If its non-kyc it is bound to go bust. Lets not waste funds on unsustsinable exchanges.

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I would label this as a strategic investment rather than a waste of funds.

We need CEXs to onboard no-coiners and your average Joe. Even more experienced users are lost due to bridging friction.

Hopefully someone can understand that we are losing a lot right now with each passing day not listed on CEXs.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m against centralization, but right now we’re in a dire situation and we really need adoption outside our small 1000 holders bubble.


Anyone can move ahead and run a fundraiser to pay for a listing. We now have quotes from xeggex, gate, kucoin, bitmart, and mexc. Personally, I’m a fan if we list on any of those. Xeggex I just fear will backfire eventually but thats just me

Is this right from the Xeggex contact?

Average Joe’s and nocoiners use Uniswap and alikes just fine. They aped during the DeFi season and created millions of 15 years old TikTok. Now they’re on SOL memes, blasting Jup. The friction with ZNN is just your ethos and narrative: nobody cares. Anything else is excuses. This is a waste of funds. Period.

Maybe if ZNN had more to offer than a wallet update every 7 month things could be different. Don’t blame dex friction.

They’ll be able to create ZNN meme tokens on the extension-chain zoon.

This is the project’s ethos and I believe in Zenon’s mission to create the best possible Bitcoin layer-2 network.

I see a thriving community that tries to move forward in every direction. Given the current resources, I think we’re doing exceptionally well and I don’t understand your FUD.