What's the smallest unit of znn and QSR called?

Zenniew sound more like a plural
Plural of znn= zennies

Zen for singular
Zennies for plural


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Zennies +3

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The community is already affectionately referring to Zenon (ZNN) as Zennies.

Seems confusing.


Exploring minimum divisible units (MDU) of ZNN and QSR:


Planck units are defined by the universal constants that define the system, which can essentially mean the same thing as “minimum divisible unit.”

The NoM cultural implementation of the term planks to refer to MDUs would be convenient and logical. In most cases, the context of the conversation would be obvious as to whether the parties are speaking in terms of QSR or ZNN. When necessary, parties could simply say with specificity, “ZNN plancks” or “planck QSR”.

The usage could also be extended throughout the NoM ecosystem (pBAG, pMEDZ, pPP, etc.). Wherever someone says plank we know they are universally referring to the MDU of that token.

Zeno’s Paradox

The paradox of Zeno puts forth that if you are running a 100 meter race, the distance between you and finish line is 50 meters. Once you get to the 50 meter line, you are 25 meters away from the finish line. If you continue this logical halving, you will forever be able to divide the distance between you and finish line, by two. As a result of this logic, you will never cross the finish line; you will always be an infinitesimal distance from the finish line.


There is a minimum divisible unit (MDU) of space. Which would imply that reality is binary in nature. Once you divide space down to one planck, you are either on one side of that planck, or the other. You can not divide a binary digit, and you can not divide a planck.


Brutally dividing planks is a good name for a band


I heard you say: Smashing Plancktons

thanks mate

I like the concept of planck and pZNN.

My suggestions:

  • ZNN: zeni, zbit
  • QSR: quasi, quark, qbit

We may need to hold a vote for this.

zbit & qbit are cool!!! !wen vote?


zeni & quasi
plural : zennies & quasies

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No, thanks.

Yes. Agreed.

I’ve setup a poll with all of the suggestions from this thread.
We’ll keep it open for a while to give everyone the chance to vote.

You can vote for up to three options.
Option format: name(plural) [symbol]

  • Zee(s)
  • Zenni(es) [Zn]
  • Zat(s)
  • Zigli(s)
  • Zen (Zennies)
  • Tezla [Tz]
  • PP
  • Jack(s) [Jk]
  • Zon(s)
  • Planck(s) [pZNN]
  • zeni(s / zennies)
  • zbit(s)
0 voters
  • Qubit(s)
  • Quark(s) [Qs]
  • Qat(s)
  • Gauzz [Gz]
  • Poon [PP]
  • Qar(s)
  • Planck(s) [pQSR]
  • quasi(s / es)
  • qbit(s)
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I don’t see Chadass (ZNN) and Chadassa (QSR)

Maybe a mistake.

It just occurred to me, that Zennies is analogous to Pennies. Feels good.