What can we do?

Do you know who would run the oracle software in our network? I think there’s still an element of trust here but it’s still worth exploring.

“Minimal and robust” are evaluated subjectively and the architect refuses to elaborate.
I could debate that a base-layer AMM wouldn’t be any more complex than the Bridge while greatly benefiting all participants in the ecosystem.
Just because we can offload this to a side-chain doesn’t mean a base-layer implementation is a bad idea.


Chatgpt or alien?

  1. Pool of aliens
  2. sign up phase (buy-in cost)
  3. Algo selects a random alien alice and gives her chatting permission
  4. Algo selects either another random alien bob or chatgpt
  5. Alien alice can ask up to 5 questions
  6. Round of betting, double or nothing. Is it bob or chatgpt? alien or ai?
  7. If bob sucessfully pretends to be chatgpt he gets a % of the total amount wagered.

Inspired by Reddit - Dive into anything

more info: AI21 Labs concludes largest Turing Test experiment to date

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combine it with onlyfans and AI image generation and call it “bot or thot” to onboard a few million dudes


Interesting idea. Can this idea scale? Can we get thousands of people to play it?

Would autonomous games scale better?

This plinko game looks pretty cool. But I don’t think anyone should run infra that centralizes running any betting game.

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