Welcome New Devs!

This post is made to welcome new devs who are interested in finding work in Zenon’s ecosystem. It will orient you with some info and redirect you to some helpful links.

There are generally 4 ways you can help:

  1. You can join an existing team’s efforts
  2. You can work on a network need/job listing which no one is working on yet
  3. You can create a proposal for a unique idea you have
  4. Don’t be afraid to post on discord, telegram or the forum if you are a bit confused and would like to talk directly to the dev community about how you can get involved

There are generally 2 ways to get paid:
a) Apply to “Accelerator Z” this is the name for our on-chain funding system. You use the SYRIUS wallet to submit a proposal, and the DAO votes to accept it or not. It costs 1 ZNN to submit a proposal, and some may be willing to donate this if your idea is compelling enough. It is recommended to post on the forum first about your idea and to follow the suggested template for submitting a proposal
b) Your team leader pays you or a Pillar/Validator chooses to sponsor you privately from their own funds.

These will be updated as more become available/viable, for example when the technical documentation is finished. Duplicates will also be added because there is value in hosting the content in multiple places to keep it decentralised.

To see what has already been funded by Accelerator-Z, see below:

To see network needs and job listings, see below:

To see some exciting things which are currently being worked on, which you may be able to help with, check out the post below:

To see the technical documentation to help you understand the network, stay tuned and this will be posted soon.

To visit the dev forums, this is one of them, and you can also visit the hypercore forum below:

To see a guide for how to submit to Accelerator Z and/or a proposal template, see the below sources:


Though not actively maintained anymore, these boards can serve as inspiration for tasks that may be eligible for an AZ proposal.

If anyone has questions about work they want to pursue, feel free to contact me.


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