WalletConnect integration

Before taking on this work, don’t you think the previous features you’ve been working on should be finalized first and made into PRs in the main Syrius repo? There’s a lot of stuff pending that we should focus on getting reviewed and merged first in my opinion.

One question about WalletConnect:

If I understand correctly it requires you to register a WalletConnect account so you get the “project id”. How will this account be controlled?

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I agree that the wallet requires in-depth testing, but most of the tasks are done and working fine.

I’ll setup the account and create a projectId. But in the future the relay server can be self-hosted.

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So in the future would it be possible to have multiple community members running the WC relay server and a user could select their server in Syrius? Or would it have to be just be one server?

Still, I’m not too enthusiastic about only one community member being in control of the project ID and having the power to shut it down.

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Unfortunately today the solution is limited in this regard. I dislike this solution too, but we’ll have to wait until they open source the server part.

Yes. We can implement it in an invisible manner for the end user, in a round-robin fashion and if a server fails, we’ll have a fallback option.

looks like the open source server is in their roadmap.

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I know, I’ve already pointed this out.

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Check this out (replace OREID with Syrius):

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WalletConnect integration status update:

WalletConnect Tab :white_check_mark:
Deep linking support :white_check_mark:
WalletConnect link support :white_check_mark:
QR code scanning :white_check_mark:


WalletConnect integration is almost ready for testing:


Syrius 0.0.7 is going to be epic!


Syrius WalletConnect version is ready for download.


Guys we should discuss who is going to test on what machine type.

I will test on a Mac with M1 processor. I will sync with a local node and try a remote node. We should discuss a testing protocol. Maybe @sol could recommend a testing protocol? Or if anyone else wants to, let’s all use the same procedure so we get consistent testing.

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We’ll also need an online minimal web app to test it on?

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Agreed if someone can write up a test case I’ll gladly run through it on multiple desktops

Also awesome work @aliencoder :pray:


Yes. The web app can be written in any language that is supported by the Web3Modal SDK.

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Clipboard watcher support :white_check_mark:

Syrius desktop can automatically detect a WalletConnect URI directly from your clipboard. You need to explicitly enable this feature by navigating to Settings → Wallet Options → Enable clipboard watcher

Anyone that wants to develop dApp clients to interact with Syrius can integrate the following:

WAGMI Connect Wallet



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feedback, it gives me unlock failed, I tried the common fix where you disable the internet and login but it didn’t work, then I switched to my embedded node through 0.05 since I was using a public node in order to use syrius 0.0.6, but while syncing it force closed and now none of the versions is working and all of them are force closing few seconds after the splash screen (0.0.3-0.0.6)… only 0.0.2 is working but I guess because it didn’t have the embedded node option… so this issue is 100% related to the embedded node and now after trying this version of syrius all the other versions are affected now.

I guess I’ll stop using syrius for quite sometime until it’s stable again.

It’s working perfectly on Windows 11 and MacOS latest version.

I sent you a DM to identify your issue.