The AliensKnow Academy A-Z proposal

I know is not the perfect environment, but at least we can grow the audience of the channels and enroll new artists joining the space. We will have an audience of maybe not-so-relevant devs or crypto professionals but in terms of creative people and crypto enthusiasts that may just want to buy some ZNN or engage with the community, I’m sure that an organic approach is better.

for an apartment sale, you have almost no creative work, it’s more about the offer and the market. Here we are trying to build a creative community that will be attracted by original content and a twist from the traditional crypto creatives (videos, visual)

the best example was the ad from November, which performed like 400% better in terms of CPC/CPM than the ads based on zenon_network official content.

My God… how are tiktok ads a thing?

Cool video. I had not seen that before. Very true about apartment marketing.

I wonder if there are other examples of successful crypto campaigns who did what you are trying to do. Can you post some examples if any come to mind?

All the projects that I follow seem to get the word out by doing twitter spaces, youtube interviews, webcasts, etc… I think this is a very effective way to broadcast a message and attract interest.

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if possible I’ll put all the budget on twitter ads or youtube ads…but decentralized crypto projects are restricted.

So TikTok and Facebook and Instagram bc is a very cheap to advertise and get a big audience from which we can refine. If these places will restrict the ads… then all the budget for ads should go in building the community organic with contests/giveaways and cool content mainly on twitter or maybe also on yt or other mediums to reach if suggested by the community

with under 10 USD…in 48 hours

This is what I read:

“We want to use community funds to pay for undifferentiated content and placement on retail platforms like tiktok or FB while hoping to attract highly technically versed, wealthy investors & devs without a validated strategy or proposing KPI/success/conversion metric tracking to show that what we’re doing actually works.”

From an investor’s (i.e. the community’s) standpoint, this is naive at the very best. The fact that those who are asking for funds are strictly refusing to address these very fundamental gaps that have been repeatedly pointed out by multiple community members (and instead try to argue their way around it) makes this just look unprofessional.

And you investing personal funds into something without being able to show proof of the value it brings is definitely not sufficient reason to ask for investors to pay for it.


how many of these are from existing community members?
how many of these are from bot profiles?
how many of these impressions are from people we want to join the community?
how many of these have actually joined the community and shown interest in some way?


For regular “moon” projects, using those channels are effective because it is basically scamming people into buying their token.

I think with the NoM we should focus on education of the protocol and what makes it stand out to the rest of layer-1’s. It’s hard because all of the features we have envisioned aren’t built yet… So the only thing that we can advertise is a feeless layer-1 chain that follows the BTC ethos, while being at a low mcap… AKA huge potential.

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good luck with your ambiguous ideas, I understand that you basically have no proper understanding of what means original creative content, or organic build communities.

good luck finding better content creators who understand this ambiguous project, and who take the risk of exposing real-life identity for promoting a coin that dropped +95%.

time is the most valuable asset any content creator has, I’m willing to use my time and energy at a low cost clearly explained. The only way this project will be risk-free is if this proposal will be rejected, and I somehow lost a bit of my engagement after all these non-sense comments that you made without any proper understanding of the project or media landscape or brand building or professional experience or any proven action that you actually did in the last year at least.

Can you share any examples of the types of ads on FB, TikTok or Insta that you think are effective for a crypto project? Sort of like a roadmap example of how you plan to position your content and art.

I’m eager to learn more about this. I really like the idea of creating community art, culture and content. I’m still hung up on how we effectively promote that content.

The styling produced is pretty dated IMO. I get that hours were spent, but we can all say that we’ve spent a ton of hours around here without getting paid.

These are not benchmarks man. Impressions mean nothing when it comes to proving that it converted new ZNN buyers (plus the entire market pumped in that period). The more you use this narrative, the more it sounds like you’re making things up as you go, because really deep down you know that you have 0 way to prove the conversions.

This is what I mean when I say that it’s easy to spend money in marketing, and very hard to prove the value they convert. The way a performance marketer would prove this would be:

  1. Setup cross-domain tracking from their campaign landing pages with some interface which supports wZNN swaps.

  2. Run ads, and measure if within a 30-60 day window any user sessions can be attributed wZNN buys.

  3. Calculate the volume converted to the greater wZNN market volume.

My systems will do exactly this ^ given that I collaborate with a DEX to support the tracking systems (and I have a few contacts / candidate DEXes lined up that I’ll reach out to in due time).

This is so vague. And doesn’t explain what funnel strategy will be used. Please give an example of the messaging used for an entrepreneur to come to AZ? “Build zApps?” – we don’t even have smart contracts yet man. Sales teams… to do what? Define them.

Via TikTok… okay, how will you target them? Hashtags? Which ones? Why?

And then… okay once they click your ad, what happens next? How can you prove that the touchpoints convert to an AZ submission? Are you planning to integrate tracking in the syrius wallet? (because @cryptocheshire and I spoke about what it would take to enable performance marketing from web down to a locally hosted wallet, it’s a lot of work to get those systems set up).

It just sounds like you want billable hours, with no actual strategic plan or focus. It’s all over the place.

100%. We need to narrow down on goals and define strategies for each campaign via unique proposals.

It’ll be great to see your real metrics once / attribute gives you landing pages and/or links that have all the tracking systems setup. It’ll all be public for any content creator to use, and prove their value. For now however, you don’t have the tracking abilities and therefore any and all claims of performance should be taken with a grain of salt. There’s a lot more dynamics in the market than impressions.


Read this @crypto_culture, you’ll understand the value it’ll create for future network marketers:

Even if you don’t like the art, please respect the artist. Dr. Greenthumb’s art is really cool and unique. He is commissioned by other crypto projects and has created one of the most valuable community-generated art for Zenon.

what recommends you to say anything about dr. greenthumb art? are u an expert in design? zenon is your network? wtf guys …
he is an artist, a long community member, and an experienced video artist. this is his art - and the point with community generate art is that the value derives from the value of the artist and I totally trust the artist’s vision when I commission the work.

I don’t have a pillar or more than a few hundred znn. Just say thank you for part of the pump in November, just say thank you for the global press releases and Cointelegraph articles. just say thank you for doing all the projects so far. don’t be a hater just bc you can

be sure you have 0 chances to prove that my campaign had 0 impact on the price.

“1. Run ads, and measure if within a 30-60 day window any user sessions can be attributed wZNN buys”"

Where do you plan to run these ads? Your company is registered as a crypto advertiser in any country? Is Zenon your project? Did you ever do any advertising campaign for Zenon? What creative do you plan to use? created by who, it seems you know a lot about art so you can work only with very inexpensive artists that say yes to your ideas…

the q&a session just ended. thank you for your feedback



I hope you don’t confuse my questions about advertising with my interest in art, content, media, etc… I’m a consumer of art. I buy NFTs. I do value and support artists. I hire young people to do crazy and fun stuff in the real world, like videos, drone shoots, etc… And I make a point of hiring young people to show off their skillz.

With your proposal, I’m specifically interested in examples of the types of ads on FB, TikTok or Insta that you think are effective for a crypto project: a roadmap for us to follow. Even if we don’t have a way of measuring them today.

I’m asking this pointed question because I have not seen any examples myself. And I’ve been looking. Most of the content I consume about other projects is from organic shilling on Twitter or youtube, spaces, clubhouse content created by the team to discuss their project.

I really appreciate all the work you put into this proposal and the work you have done for the community so far.

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this q&a session is over, as the proposal was not approved.

thank you again for the support and feedback.

don’t hesitate to get in touch on tg or Twitter, at least I can give you my perspective regarding your questions.

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You gotta let it go. You have no proof that any of your ads are what caused the spike in price (in an already bullish market…)

Nothing disrespectful was said, I just shared my opinion that it was dated in styling. If that’s his creative ability, then great I’m happy for him. I just know that more trendy styles can be commissioned, there’s millions of artists out there.

There’s a lot more ad networks than Twitter Ads, and there’s a ton of strategies that can be used i.e. inbound vs. outbound, list building, automation, bots etc to be hyper narrow with an approach.

I don’t think there’s an international permit to be a crypto advertiser.

No it’s not, but I give my feedback so that other less knowledgeable pillars can weight all the pros and cons. Many of us listed cons / questions that you weren’t able to answer. Now things are a lot more clear.

All great, and you’ll be able to embed trackable links into content in the future to prove value you drive.

I’m an artist myself. I ran an agency, and know exactly how to identify/commission the right artist/style to each job. I don’t just pick anyone because they’re part of a common community. Not sure where you got this “inexpensive” part from.

No one claims you don’t add some kind of value. But rather I believe it’s a bit of a stretch for you to say that you’re the reason for a November rally. If you’re asking for 3.7K ZNN + 37.5K ZNN you can expect tough questions regarding the validity of claims + methods used to validate your work in the future.

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Can I commission to your agency 5-7 videos, custom animations in blender 1 min long, and 10-20 adaptations for different social media formats and lengths, also at least 20-30 social media visuals + copywriting for 3 months campaign on multiple social media channels, for 7.5 k USD? (I’ve asked for usd hours so if the price goes up I don’t pocket a profit)

Also, I need a budget to boost the post and pay fees or taxes, also I need for contest and giveaways…so what’s left for the creative part … around 4k USD, so my question is - are you willing to do this work for 4k? I’ll send you a lot of clients if your work is close to dr. greenthumb quality

I wouldn’t spend even close to 4k for creative of that style. I’d rather explore something different altogether that’ll be trendier… ie graphic visuals, or other technologies altogether. Not everything needs a custom animated video to sell.

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“ie graphic visuals, or other technologies altogether.”"

I’ll make a t-shirt with this punch line…is so funny

Zoda will leave Area Zenon zoon, but just a piece of advice before departure.

The use of a community artist and his style is very important because he works with his heart and soul. His vision wasn’t altered by the brief you send or your vision of what works. This makes it more valuable than an outside-of-community artist that will be more or less interested to learn about the ethos of the community. This value will generate organic interest, attention, comprehension, and interest in discovering more about this network, and all of this bc it was made with love and care, this is the secret of great advertising.

Love, Zoda

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I’m pretty sure that artists with any style(s) pour their heart and soul into their work.

Sounds like you don’t even get what I’m talking about, so I’ll educate you:

Not every creative component needs a low budget custom and animated creative style to communicate/sell something, yet alone with a new character to act as a brand ambassador for the network.

Instead if the budget is limited, one should explore the idea of using a variety of technologies to create a lasting effect that doesn’t appear like it was done in 1999. For example: the Zenon Network videos produced by the core dev team have an incredibly rich style with a ton of content that can be repurposed in a variety of content styles. ZenonOrg leveraged these creative items on their website, as gifs and can be used as graphical elements in images. So now you’ve saved yourself 4K ZNN. What can you use that budget on? Well maybe you’d want to get a subscription to some script-to-AI video rendering service which can generate you an avatar with your sales script. Blend that with some creative elements ripped from the Zenon Network videos, some few custom elements designed at a low cost (or do it yourself if you know basics as a marketer)… and you’ve got yourself a modernized sales video without the need for a custom 3D alien. The script-to-AI video rendering service can give you a year worth of production to try various messages. Think outside of the box.

The only thing worth laughing about is this entire proposal and your inability to answer basic funnel / campaign / tracking questions.

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