Telegram Plasma Bot

I need to go back through the old posts. We cannot even get it to run. It throws multiple error messages. We will dig in and report back.

That is usually caused by an incompatible version of NodeJS. I recommend using NVM (Node Version Manager) and giving the following LTS versions of NodeJS a try: 12, 14, 16, 18.

I got it “running” using NVM to install NodeJS 16.20.0.

Haven’t tried any functionality yet. Waiting for node to sync (trying MoonBaze’s znnd + newest chrome extension big int patch).

What I’ve done:

  • Install NVM curl -o- | bash
  • clone plasmabot repo
  • run nvm install 16
  • pm @BotFather /netbow to get the TELEGRAM_TOKEN
  • add token and rename .env.template to .env
  • add scripts property to package.json so we could “npm start” as suggested by GPT-4 :stuck_out_tongue:
"scripts": {
  "start": "ts-node src/index.ts",
  "test": "echo \"Error: no test specified\" && exit 1"
  • run znnd
  • run npm start

There are a lot of deprecated issues everywhere, but should be functional regardless.


awesome. I’ll try this out today.

The dev will give it a try as well.

Iv been working on an alternative solution to this, but given @coinselor has figured out the existing telegram bot not sure it’ll be needed, let me know what you think.

This is a web based bot rather than telegram but it could be extended to support telegram and discord. You can select the level of plasma you want and the time its fused for varies depending on the level so low = 48 hours, medium = 24 hours and high = 12 hours. Its not quite finished yet but wont take too long to finish if theres a need for it.


This is awesome. The current bot is very dumb and has zero functionality. Request QSR and it stays there until it runs out and then crashes. If you do this I can see your site become a hub for a QSR marketplace. I highly recommend you finish this b/ it could be a revenue center to help support your site!


Well done! When are you planning to release this?

Thanks! I’ll aim to get it live early next week, just a few things to tidy up but the main functionality is working. If anyone wants to test it let me know


I’m happy to test. And, if the community / pillars support it I can send the QSR to you. Maybe we submit a 1 ZNN for AZ and I request the approval to send the QSR to you.

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Thanks, will DM when it’s ready for testing. Good idea submitting a AZ to get approval for sending the QSR, will update this thread when the bot is finished and go from there


Great work, zir!
Do you have any strategies to mitigate botting?

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Good question, currently the logic prevents the same address getting plasma while there is already an active entry on the address but I can also add IP based rate limiting and a captcha to the form.


I tried that. And it worked.

The plasma bot tool is available for testing: Plasma Bot | Zenon Hub

Rate limiting has been set to 1 successful request per minute per IP address and theres hidden honeypot fields in the form to prevent bot submissions.

It has 1000 QSR available at the moment but if everyone is happy I’ll coordinate with @0x3639 to submit an AZ application to request the transfer of the 50K QSR from the old bot, when thats received I’ll transfer the initial 1000 QSR out of the bot and let it run with the 50K.

These are the current QSR levels for the different options:

  • Low = 20 for 48 hours
  • Medium = 80 for 24 hours
  • High = 120 for 12 hours

Epic, we can finally put the Telegram bot to rest. Congrats on this tool.

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great work - I would argue an AZ just to cover the transfer of QSR isn’t needed. It was originally voted in to provide the bank for the plasma bot - community sentiment here/TG should suffice

@digitalSloth do you have an address where you would like the funds sent? If you can post that here I’ll submit the AZ requesting approval. We should probably do that just to be safe. Even though it makes logical sense to do it. I would feel more comfortable if we got approval.

Sure the address is:


Plasma Bot working great here.

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