Syrius Wallet Mobile App

I second this request, I think in an earlier iteration of the wallet ui you already had the feature.

The link expired btw.

It’s not possible to upload the APK directly to the forum?

See this @sumamu

I understand.
@DrBlaze_21 you can create an empty github repo and upload the APK to the Releases section.

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This should work

Check the checksum.

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Got this error message when I tried to create a new wallet.

@DrBlaze_21 Some assistance or at least an answer would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Could be an epic time to finally get this into production. Are there major changes needed to keep up with latest Syrius versions? @DrBlaze_21 @aliencoder


In my opinion I want to wait for the final conclusions regarding dynamic Plasma. AppStores usually are against proof-of-work in mobile devices and it would be harder to list an app that uses CPU/GPU to compute PoW.

Moreover, people with lower end devices would need to wait more time to send/receive transactions, making the UX progressively worse.

That’s why I’m advocating for a hybrid approach where we have a tri-lane system for creating Plasma:

  • PoW with multiple algos (RandomX, SHA-3 and Equix)
  • Fuse (lock) QSR with dynamic thresholds
  • Burn ZNN

I’m trying my best to find ways to complement the feeless narrative with a more robust system, while promoting game-theoretic compatible models that will ensure the long term sustainability of the network.

Burning ZNN/fusing QSR would be the preferred way to go for mobile users that are constrained by low computing resources.

Alternatively, PoW can be an option for APKs or IPAs distributed outside official AppStores if they reject the apps containing the libpow binaries.


Just wanted to provide feedback from the dev meeting today. It’s likely @DrBlaze_21 is waiting on resolution of Dynamic Plasma to finish his work for many of the reasons stated above.

Here is the latest tl;dr update on Dynamic Plasma.

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Can the wallet also connect to the bridge? I couldn’t make it work trying just now.

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Different wallet. I highly recommend using syrius to connect to the bridge. We are moving away from the browser plugin in favor of something new called a Metamask Snap.

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Happy New Year, ZNNAlienz!

I have some updates for the Syrius Mobile Apps.


  • Integrated WalletConnect
  • Improved delegation operation
  • Improved staking operation
  • New notification system
  • Other UX/UI improvements
  • Bug fixes

Download the latest version here.

SHA-256 checksum:

  • Please don’t use mainnet funds
  • Check SHA-256 hash before installing


This happens because I’m using the Coingecko API that has rate limiting. I’m caching now the results, but we will need to pay for the API usage when we release the production builds.


You can switch between addresses, but you need to tap in the top right corner. We can improve the UX here. The edit button isn’t enabled yet.

Check now.

I’m open to suggestions on how to display Plasma amounts for the user.

This error appears when libargon2 library is missing from the APK. Please download the newest version.

Plasma or dynamic Plasma are abstracted away from the users.

Yes, check the new WalletConnect feature.

I’m planning to request funds for the work delivered so far. I’ll wait for the community to test this new build. If there are any bugs, I’ll fix them and upload a stable version.

After that I’ll proceed with creating 3 projects with 1 phase each to unlock the funds that will cover all the expenses so far. I’ll also open-source the codebase such that others will be able to contribute and audit the code.

Going from now on, I want to share with you the following release schedule: 1 or 2 months for development (depending on the complexity of the features) and 1 month for testing.

The community will be able to request and vote for new features:

  • Security pack: biometrics, secure storage, root detection, 2FA, etc.
  • Sentinel & Pillar support
  • Accelerator-Z support
  • Check update mechanism
  • Rich app/system info
  • Multi-chain support: Ethereum/EVM integration
  • Extension-chain support
  • Bitcoin support
  • Bridge integration (wZNN ↔ ZNN swaps)
  • Fiat on-ramps/off-ramps integrations

Tried to connect the bridge and that works beautifully. But then when connecting to metamask it wants to connect to the desktop version of metamask not my android one.

Tried the browser in metamask wallet itself but that one won’t connect because syrius extension is only for chromium browsers.

It works like this:

  1. Open the bridge web interface on a desktop environment.
  2. Connect Syrius Mobile Wallet via WalletConnect to link your Zenon account.
  3. Use the Metamask extension to link your Ethereum account.
  4. Use Syrius Mobile Wallet to sign/approve Zenon transactions.
  5. Use Metamask extension to sign/approve Ethereum transactions.

PS: I don’t recommend using the mobile wallet with real funds yet.

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