Syrius Wallet Mobile App

Welcome to our community. I’ll make sure to buy a space drink to the alien who referred you to our cause.

The initial ui looks clean. The plasma meter is a nice touch. Maybe black might be better contrast instead of white on top of the green bg - or flip horizontal the darker green side.

I am also interested on the possibility of running an embedded node on mobile devices. Share your findings when possible.


Welcome! Glad to have new devs/entrepreneurs joining.

Like already mentioned there’s been an effort to develop a mobile wallet. I’m not sure if the developer has recently had time to continue development but it has a website and the source code is available on GitHub: Cano

As for the embedded node on mobile, I ran the node on a three year old flagship Android but the syncing was extremely slow, the phone was burning hot and it would have taken like two weeks to sync so I gave up. I recall Mr Kaine saying he was running a node without issue on a newer flagship Android. In any case I think the embedded node functionality on mobile is a somewhat complex topic in terms of how to make it user friendly, not drain the battery completely or hog all the resources and how to keep the node synced when the wallet is not open.


I have collected all the questions and made a Q&A:

Will the wallet be shipped with embedded nodes or will users rely on connecting to public nodes?

It’s should be possible to include a go mobile binary on Android, but it unlikely that will be accepted on AppStore.

This is a really interesting point, you would imagine public nodes for the mobile wallet
would be the default but it would be really cool to have a full Embedded node on a mobile
When would it sync? Periodically or just when launched? How much battery would it use?
What about it you don’t have plasma and need to do POW?

Yes, there a lots of cases that need to be taken in consideration, that why the mobile syrius will likely need to connect to a remote node.

PoW will be computed on the user’s terminal. There are 2 options we can use:
A. Native implementation called from a library through ffi (faster, but might not be accepted by playstore/appstore)
B. Dart implementation (slower, but more likely to be accepted)

Of course, it’s recommended that users fuse qsr for plasma, so they can experience instant transactions.


Further research & development is needed to entirely comprehend how Syrius works.
We’ll create a project to fund the research and the design.


Would it be possible to add a web connect feature where one can use the mobile wallet to connect their wallet to a supported website ie a DEX? Just like how you can use the WalletConnect/TrustWallet app to connect to THORSwap.

Would be an awesome feature to port to the desktop app too ie how the desktop Ledger Live app is used to connect with MetaMask.

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Hello Zenon community,

I have successfully completed the first milestone for the mobile apps project to bring Syrius wallet on iOS and Android.

Milestone details:
- UX/UI for the app
- user flows for wallet related functionalities
- interactive prototype
- research for Syrius features (create/import wallet, Plasma PoW, fuse Plasma, staking, Sentinel, A-Z)
- compilation of Syrius desktop in order to understand how it uses the shared libraries

Requested funds: 5000 ZNN and 50000 QSR

Design link:


Beautiful work. Congratz


Amazing work, now that’s a mobile UI/UX that makes s y r i u s proud.

Be right back, I’m gonna go draft a ZIP to increase the cap of Accelerator-Z rewards, or to add a bonus to the hyperspace rewards winner :joy:


This looks very well designed. The mobile wallet looks like it has extensive functionalities, even more than the current desktop wallet. Obviously, that can be great but functional complexity comes at an increased risk of UX tradeoffs.

Are you planning to iteratively test and improve the wallet with community members to mitigate that risk?

Will this also be available for tablets?

Thanks a lot for this work!

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Great UX, you carried the styling from the desktop app… well done!

How will cross-chain swaps work?

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Yes, the app will be released to the community in it’s early stages so we can work together to achieve the best results.


The swapping features will take advantage of Web3 solutions to allow users to swap between native assets + most ERC20/BEP20 and wZNN/wQSR (assuming wQSR will be an option). It does that by leveraging well known AMM platforms such as Uniswap/Pancakeswap either directly or though routing solutions (eg. 1inch).

For cross-chain swaps, the solution available at the moment of the integration will be integrated.

The purpose is to allow users to get ZNN/QSR in the quickest & easiest way.


Great work! Looks amazing! Already voted to fund but am wondering how many phases to completed project and will future updates require further future funding?

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I just now have looked at this and it seems that all we get for 5k/50k would be some nice looking mocks. Is that so? No coded prototype, no reusable research results?

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Also it would be nice to know the total amount you gonna request to get to the final product.

Is the development underway? If you do not have the means to create the app, I would love to take it over using your wireframes, and I can submit an AZ to bring it to the finish line. Please let me know :relaxed:


@DrBlaze_21 I am encouraging @thoglund to pick up your framework and complete the wallet. If we don’t hear back from you soon I do think someone will forward to complete your work. If you have other plans, please let us know this week.

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I think we should have some patience and let Dr.Blaze finish what he started.
He said everything’s going to be ready for the end of the year.


Sorry for the late reply, there’s been a lot of stuff to learn and get done. Of course the wallet is still under heavy development.

The project was never just about the design. The mocks and wireframes are just a starting point and were released in order to support the further development of the mobile wallet and gather valuable feedback from the community.

I am guessing there probably aren’t many technical people in here, since there was an expectation that an entire mobile app (actually both iOS and Android versions) can be developed for 5000 znn + 50000 qsr. This kind of apps cost companies millions, Accelerator-Z alone wouldn’t be able to cover it. First look at this:,23.htm

And also check out Solana’s Phantom App that recently got some investments in the tens of millions to support its operations:

An exact cost hasn’t been calculated for this project, but it will probably be over 250k excluding maintenance. Anyhow, a release should be possible in late October/early November.


Thank you for that update. Some community members were interested in the helping. If you are looking for more team members please contact @thoglund