Support Documentation

We need professional support docs.

I’ll highlight again Avalanche’s support docs because I think they cover everything a newcomer should learn.

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ZenonOrg got approved to the Intercom Early Stage Program, which gave us a promotional price for Intercom services for the first year. Avalanche uses Intercom for its support systems as well.

I’ll get a space organized as in our account.


Topic moved to #operations:funding-staging is live as a preview, using Intercom’s Help Centre product.

Using the bold Zenon Green background to carry the Zenon.Org brand, and Quasar Blue for the Intercom Messenger product (bottom right button) to evoke trust, reliability and stability.

P.S. Yes this is the refreshed Zenon.Org logo, the ZN is drawn from the current logo. Will be pushed with the upgraded Nuxt3 codebase soon.


love the new logo!

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Looks amazing.

I imagine Intercom uses the latest and greatest AI assistants for helping with questions and knowledge base self-help?

Happy to volunteer some weekly hours on the Intercom support channel otherwise


That is correct, any content we organize into the Help Centre will be readable by Fin, Intercom’s GPT-powered system that’s embedded in the Intercom Messenger window. The richer our support database, the better Fin will be able to answer to queries. And if it can’t answer, we’ll have human support available.

Right now we’re running on the 95% discounted startup program (10 seats for support which is normally quite expensive), but I sent a query to their billing team to get a better sense of our pricing options in March 2024 when our promotion expires. ZenonOrg may submit an AZ to cover these fees.

Where can we start putting in content?

Zenon community Rex TG

I can send invites to those willing to seriously contribute to the content management. @angelo_a_jr I can send an invite to your personal email (Shazz more than welcome as well if you wish to contribute).

May I develop the preliminary content architecture outline to marry it to the architecture? The website acts as an awareness driver only, the serious documentation should be in the support site. Anything technical related to the code should be maintained by the Technical Documentation teams.

Once the outline is ready, we can use GPT/shared prompts to help us write consistent style content.


Happy to help with content and refer people to it

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refer contributors or refer traffic?


How many of you pay for ChatGPT Plus?

  • I do
  • I don’t

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Began to work on content. Working towards developing a clean and structured style using gifs:

The support site will be used to clear guides for syrius wallets, the bridge and simple node deployment instructions using the znn-controller. It may also be used to answer FAQ’s.


Available in:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

More articles to be added, and requested to Intercom a new feature to auto-translate (using GPT) articles for its users while retaining formatting, links etc.

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Nice ! It just need a few tweaks for the Names

Pilier is Pillar but I’m not sure we want to translate those.

I was debating on that. Should we consider Sentinels, Pillars, Extension Chains, Plasma as brand keywords?

  • Yes, don’t translate them.
  • No, translate them.

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The con is that the translated word never has the exact same meaning in the destination language. It’s even more true for languages that are not sharing the same roots.

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Those translations have been fixed. Pillars, Sentinels, Plasma are considered as brand keywords.