Strategic Organization on Zenon.Org Platforms: Towards a Cohesive, User-Centric Experience


As we continually strive to enhance the ecosystem and offer a seamless experience to the users, it’s essential that we maintain clarity and purpose in the distinct areas of the platforms. Our dedication is towards creating spaces that meet the specific needs of the community, ensuring that each platform serves its designed function efficiently.

1. Zenon.Org Main Website: Think of the primary website as an organic entry point that seamlessly introduces users to various facets of the community. Leveraging the upcoming funnel framework, pathways will be meticulously designed to be concise and direct, guiding users to specific areas of interest.

2. Support Website ( This space is dedicated to organizing detailed articles, guides, and any support-centric information. The goal is to centralize extensive resources in an easily navigable fashion.

3. Forums ( Crafted as a vibrant hub for community interactions and discussions. While sharing resources like guides is valued, such information is best placed on the support website for coherence.

A recent occurrence brought to light the posting of a wZNN / wQSR buying links on the forums – such links which are already featured on the main website. While the initiative is commendable, it underscores the importance of maintaining the designated purposes of the different platforms.

We recognize the importance of fluid navigation between the platforms. In response, we are working diligently to establish prominent, user-friendly navigations to ensure users can transition between platforms with ease.

One of the significant advantages of maintaining such strict demarcation is the preparation for the upcoming funnel framework. By keeping content distinct and well-organized, we can create unique funnels, such as the wZNN / wQSR buying guides. These funnels can further enhance user experience with features like lead capture, and by creating pathways to the next guide—essentially, the ability to daisy-chain and keep the user engaged, while using Intercom’s messaging bot and remarketing tools to re-engage him into steps if abandoned.

As we embrace this strict, albeit evolving, organizational methodology, we are anchoring our strategies in higher-level objectives. The funnel frameworks, the potential for lead capture, the capability to remarket, attribute performance tracking, and more, are all part of an intricate design aimed at serving the community better.

We wholeheartedly invite feedback, especially as we develop and refine the funnels. If you have recommendations or insights, they are most welcome. Together, we can ensure they’re integrated into the appropriate funnel paths in alignment with our overarching marketing objectives.

Moreover, we believe that collective wisdom is one of our strongest assets. If any member of our community is keen on contributing to our initiatives, we warmly welcome your involvement. We operate within a private Slack workspace where many of our strategic discussions and planning sessions take place. Engaging in this workspace provides a unique opportunity to play an active role in shaping the direction and future of HyperGrowth initiatives. Together, we can co-create a platform that truly resonates with our community’s needs and aspirations.

Your trust is invaluable, and as always, we remain committed to delivering forward-thinking solutions for the community.