Steps to a Setup Public Node on Zenon Network

Copy and paste instructions to setup a public node on Zenon Network with Ubuntu.

Spin up a Ubuntu 20.04 server on your cloud provider of choice.

Update and upgrade your VPS

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Open the following ports in your firewall. Please note a public static IP is required.

TCP 35995:35998
UDP 35995:35998

Install ZIP and dynamic swapfile

sudo apt-get install zip
sudo apt-get install dphys-swapfile

Reboot the VPS

sudo reboot

Download the ZNN Controller Software


Unzip the file


Run the ZNN Controller installation software

sudo ./znn-controller

You should see the following output

Running ZNN Controller with superuser privileges
ZNN Node Controller v0.0.3 [NOTE THIS IS OLD]
Gathering system information ...
System info:
Shell: bash
Operating system: linux
OS version: Linux 5.11.0-1022-aws #23~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Mon Nov 15 14:03:19 UTC 2021
Available CPU cores: 2
Dart runtime: 2.16.2 (stable) (Tue Mar 22 13:15:13 2022 +0100) on "linux_x64"
IP address: [IP ADDRESS]
  1) Deploy
  2) Status
  3) Start service
  4) Stop service
  5) Resync
  6) Help
  7) Quit
Select an option from the ones listed above

Select Option 1. This will download the latest node software and install everything required to run the node. This will automatically setup a service that runs on reboot. After the node is done downloading the blockchain it will be available to use in the syrius wallet.

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