Sigli's AZ Proposal

So as a follow-up to the conversation we had on Telegram, I’d like to gather your suggestions and feedback to give me an idea of what would be considered acceptable by the community.

I was thinking of asking for 3300 ZNN & 33K QSR for the support work, liaison between members & founding devs + general community management that has been done for the last 10 months as well as the upcoming month of December. (11 months in total - 300 ZNN & 3K QSR per month)

Thereafter, starting in January 2023 I like the idea proposed by George. Which is to introduce a yearly or semi-annual election for a few main telegram/discord admin positions.

Feel free to tell me if it’s too much to ask. I myself was hesitant to make a proposal since there are quite a few contributors in our community who have offered a lot and asked for nothing so far.

I hope this will encourage them to submit their proposals :pray:


I think this is more than fair - Sigli brings a lot of value that isn’t visible to all and has helped out with moderating on nearly every platform we’ve stood up (forum, discord etc).

Easily beyond what he likely originally committed to.

@Sigli My suggestion would be to calculate a rough estimate on how much time you spend on helping people per day/week/month. I imagine it would add up quite quickly and help paint a picture of how much effort you put in


Hell I’d probably still be losing my mind trying to run my legacy nodes if it wasn’t for you.

I will advocate to vote yes for this proposal.


Will definitely vote in favor of this :+1:


Yes :grin::ok_hand:


While NoM emulating a decentralized community was one of the key principles that first enthralled me here it would be a logistical nightmare if the community didn’t have a prophet through whom they could communicate with the Core Devs.

Sigli has diligently and silently played that role- dealing with community member’s questions, passing forward our issues to the team, relaying updates from them back to us, and has simultaneously been running infrastructure- all without asking for anything in return for the past couple years. His commitment to this community is indisputable and the amount of funds being requested is reasonable. I fully support this proposal.


Sir, I’m a yes. You have helped me many times and I see you helping the community every day. Well deserved!


Yeah I would have liked to be able to quantify the hours spent but it varies a lot depending on the needs.

For the past few months, most of my work consists of dealing with bridge problems and notifying the founding devs when there is a problem with a particular transaction.

Otherwise I am available about 12 to 16 hours a day mainly on my mobile to assist people no matter what their issue is, and again it varies a lot, there are those who need help for their VPS (pillar), those who install Syrius for the 1st time, simple questions, etc. As you probably know, I prefer to deal with each person’s issue on a one-to-one basis, so I usually take the time to discuss it in private with the person concerned.

This is why most of my work is done in private, I only intervene on the main channel when it is necessary or to ask someone to send me a DM so that I can help them and that takes a lot of my time.

I won’t hide you that 0x’s anti-spam bot, as well as all those who take part daily to answer the various questions on the main channel took a big weight off my shoulders and I thank them all very much.


I’m in favor big time, and moving forward, george’s idea is pretty good. The bar Sigli has set as a steward of this community is pretty high, but as our community grows I can see new members even raising the bar to higher standards and thus earning some share of the AZ pie in the process, all while simultaneously taking some weight of Sigli’s shoulder, allowing him to focus on growing his Pillar brand ;).


I would like to thank everyone for your comments and will now proceed with the proposal.

As for the next step, if we agree with George’s idea we should work something out on how to conduct the elections for the admins positions, establish the selection criteria etc.

The discussion could take place here or directly on Telegram as more members are there.


Sir, are you looking to phase out?

Not at all, but giving members of our community the opportunity to help me manage the different communication channels and getting paid for it is something I’ve been thinking about for a while.
I know that at some point we will need more than one community manager :alien:


Sir :smiling_face_with_tear:



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hell yea sig!! few deserve it more

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