Proposal: Rapid Bounty Deployment & Discovery on DeWork (wZNN multisig)

Project Name: Rapid Bounty Deployment & Discovery on DeWork (wZNN multisig)

Description: The purpose of this proposal is to concentrate low-lift community asks and bounties into a rapid deployment system on DeWork and allow Zenon to be more discoverable by active web3 contributors. The community will also be able to self-organize tasks that can help one another through the ecosystem through an intuitive interface that is rapidly growing in the web3 ecosystem. Lastly, this will also help to free up official A-Z pipeline for higher order projects.

URL: Will use this forum URL for official A-Z proposal

Team: I am submitting on behalf of my own vested interested to see Zenon succeed and indirectly on behalf of the DAO I have founded called build_republic which we would ultimately like to build our protocol on top of Zenon if the tooling has matured in time. The build_republic has financial backing from some notable investors to include Balaji Srinivasan whom I have informed about our exploratory interest in building on Zenon. Additionally @SugoiBTC has recently volunteered to be an admin of the DeWork board and wZNN multisig detailed below. Additional community member requirements are as follows:

-3 multi-sig volunteers to create a ⅗ signature threshold on BSC for payouts (Currently @SugoiBTC and myself have commited)

-5-10 project & task manager volunteers; can add more as needed

-Authorization to create bounties channel and connect DeWork Discord bot to Zenon Community Discord

-Even if you don’t plan to contribute, join and follow the Zenon Community DeWork board here to raise our profile among the DAO landscape. As of this proposal time, it only requires > 115 followers to be in one of the top 10 DAOs there. This is a small window of opportunity to raise our profile quickly because DeWork is growing very rapidly as the primary project management board for DAOs. (see recent $5M fundraise led by Paradigm and others). Zenon is the DAO of DAOs so it should sell itself!


What is your high-level roadmap? This proposal will be a single phase pilot to assess feasibility of better coordinating Zenon ecosystems for low-lift subtasks and attracting new contributors to the Zenon community.

Pilot Phase: Upon A-Z approval, requested funds of 1500 ZNN from address z1qrlpv98akdpt2p3vxkuzgvvt4vwtpna40fu3x5 (build_republic address) will be bridged from ZNN to wZNN on a BSC multisig account (address TBD pending volunteers - see community request above) via Gnosis Safe. The rationale for converting to wZNN is that DeWork does not yet integrate with Zenon mainnet (but I requested it!) so we will use wZNN as an interim which also gives contributors on-chain reputation for each payout. Funds will not be transferred from above address until multisig is established.

This account will then be linked to DeWork as a payments integration and each bounty payment will be authorized for suitable submissions via ⅗ signatures. See Community Request aboe if you’d like to be a multisig volunteer.

The Zenon Community DeWork bounty board will primarily serve as a place for to coordinate tasks in the ecosystem that may not warrant a full A-Z proposal. This will serve to augment the A-Z process of building out the Zenon ecosystem while not clogging the Syrius-based A-Z process with lower lift tasks.

Some examples of potential bounties could include:

-Create a Twitter bot account posting all new A-Z submissions- 20 wZNN

-Translate a key piece of marketing content into another language - 10 wZNN

-Submit an analysis of Zenon Network to Messari and get it published - 50 wZNN

-Assist an active A-Z participant with task X - 15 wZNN

Ideally these new ideas are crowdsourced via Discord/TG and scoped by one of the DeWork volunteer admins (see community request above). Anyone is free to coordinate with one of the board admins or even request to coordinate tasks on behalf of the community as there are three roles allowed (Org Level, Project Level, Task Level - see below):

Bounties will be capped at 50 wZNN ensuring a minimum of 30 executable tasks.

Success of the pilot phase will be measured by:

  • Number of active contributors on DeWork board
  • Quality of bounty submissions on DeWork
  • Community consensus of DeWork board utility (can hold hasty vote each quarter)
  • Number of new contributors added to the Zenon community
  • Bounty velocity

Phase 2+: Will submit for additional funding based on the success of this proposed pilot.


Total Requested Funding = 1500 ZNN and 100 QSR
Project Duration = 6-12 months (Variable depending on bounty velocity and quality)

How did you calculate your budget? As a pilot phase with a budget cap of 50 wZNN per bounty to allow for a minimum of 30 executable tasks this amount seemed appropriate to get a proper reading on the utility of DeWork for the Zenon community.

Project and Payment Milestones:
Pilot Phase
Funding Request: 100% (1500 ZNN and 100 QSR)
Duration: 6-12 months (Variable depending on bounty velocity and quality)

Phase 2+: Dependent on success of Pilot Phase

Other Information

Risks, Assumptions, Known Issues, Dependencies: Primary assumption is that the Zenon community will be able to leverage the utility of this board for their own work in the ecosystem. Secondary assumption is that it will attract new contributors to Zenon. This secondary assumption is based on the early success I have found for it with other communities I manage and anecdotally from other founders. In order to derisk both of these assumptions, the volunteer admins will simply return the funds as a donation to Accelerator Z if bounties are not getting picked up at an agreeable rate and/or quality.

Have you previously submitted a proposal (either in Acclerator-Z or Incubator)? No

Advance this proposal to A-Z?
  • Yes
  • No

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I love this because it enables a transparent development process.
I’ll love to receive help for projects that I’m the product owner of, like the telegram bot (and hopefully other Telegram bots) and the JS part.

I’ll love to add tasks there, just like in a company’s Jira page, even if I’m the one to solve them.


Awesome! Let me know what your profile/Discord ID when you connect to the DeWork and I’ll add you as a project manager

Excellent proposal, accomplishes not just these smaller tasks but also introducing/familiarizing the development ecosystem to everyone on DeWork. Will definitely support this


Proposal submitted to A-Z for official vote


This is a great initiative- let’s non-developers and common folk contribute and get paid for their effort. I also appreciate that this is pro-bono and that you aim to return unutilized funds back to AZ. Approving this is a no-brainer- glad to see that the pillars feel the same way!!

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This post serves as the URL for the phase approval for release of funds for original proposal.

The wZNN multisig was established on Gnosis Safe with the following address:
(BSC Scan Link Here)

Signatory threshold is set to 3/5

Signatories and last 4 of addresses are as follows:

Myself - 603c
@shaimo - 9cCe
@SugoiBTC - 9Bc3
@WAGMI - c502
@0x3639 - B186

And we already have someone completing the bounty for 25 wZNN to make a Twitter Bot of A-Z summary activity.

Let’s recruit some more aliens!


Great. Go ahead please. Make it our goal.
Thank you.

Providing an update here that due to the lower than expected quality of contributors from DeWork, we have donated 1000 of the 1379 remaining ZNN back into A-Z as of today. We will be holding the remaining 379 for future experiments (as voted on by the wZNN multisig) to allow for continued rapid bounty deployment for well-vetted contributors.