Non-technical Meeting

We’re organising a tg call or twitter spaces to cover a few things that are non-technical:

  • what to tweet about/who to reply to using @zenon_network
  • talk about recent events: the raffle, BAG use case, metamask snaps
  • how to best onboard new users with what we have
  • coordinated shill campaign by mehowz

Let us know if you want to attend and we will work out a day/time that suits most ppl!

Looking like Fri/sat at 12pm UTC, most likely friday, but let us know as we still haven’t heard from most people


I’ll vote for Saturday. Should be universally open for majority of people, whether they want to spend their free time with degenerate aliens is another matter. But given they already do, based on chat interactions, I’m optimistic.

I have a regular 12-1pm Tue-Fri. It forces me to watch the dev meetings on-demand :sweat_smile:

Overtime, we should iterate with timezone and platform variables. I think we want to be on Twitter for maximum reach, but at this early stage, we want to optimize for participation from our current community, not so much onboard new people. If we are able to develop a stronger connection between aliens while rallying our collective time spent on Zenon towards a particular goal, we will achieve so much more.

For the next one, we should set a date/time/place and get the commitment from a few people willing to act as hosts/drive the conversation and from a few aliens that would just join as audience. I’m happy to act as a Co-host / add color commentary, I’m quite fluent in English but hosting is probably not the right fit given I’m not a native speaker.

Maybe we should add a poll to gauge interest in Twitter Spaces / Telegram / Discord. The Discord UI is surprisingly nice for it, but like I said, let’s follow the poll results for now. Consider adding the poll to the original post/changing the title of the thread for a call to action.


Yeah, that’s a good goal to have where there’s somewhat regular, structured twitter spaces that aim to be productive.

We need to start small though to gain momentum. I’ll try and chase people down for it.

I’m typically available Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings, EST timezone.

Friday is good for me. Sat / Sun are hit and miss depending on family stuff.

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what is the status of this meeting? Can we set a date / time?

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I suggest to do this often and reach out to other communities and bring them in under a theme / question. It would increase Zenon reach in a fun way. I can list up a few communities but I suck in execution. I can vibe and be talkative though.

agree 100%. I’ve been listening to other community spaces and these seem effective. Normal people talking about the pros / cons of a project. How you found it, why you like it, why you dislike it, what’s the latest FUD, what does the roadmap look like. Look forward to the 1st one @zyler9985.

100% Compile List of Telegram / Discord / Twitter Communities

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