Network-governance brainstorming

So @baggot had a lucid moment tonight. I don’t think he realizes it yet, but hear me out I think this solves our short-term issues:

We still leverage AZ:

1 Pillar = 1 Vote

However, we will include delegators by adding their weights off-chain.

15K Weight = 1 Community Vote

This allows all delegators during the AZ voting phase to shift weights to pillars that align with their vote.

We keep track of all this off-chain, ideally with a visualizer tallying up votes in real time. We’ll just need to come to terms for a new quorum that accounts for community votes.

There are 5,126,415 ZNN delegated. That’s about ~340 more votes.

Problem: We will still reach AZ quorum with a low number of pillar participation (~31), but perhaps we can now aim for a larger number of delegated weight participation.


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sounds good but i want 10% finders fee.

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Issue is there are multiple instances of self delegation with Pillars and no easy way to track that - so in essence it could end up quite skewed and potentially manipulated

There’s no risk free approach to having all network participants involved in governance votes at this stage

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If a pillar is self delegating 100K, it should have more than 1 vote in my books, lol. I think no matter how we look at this, it’s an improvement.

We are not looking for a perfect system, just a marginal improvement over AZ.

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My idea simply was to use it as a barometer for community sentiment and allow pillars to change strategies or adjust their vote decisions accordingly withan input from community.


I see your point, just trying to look at it from non -pillar participants point of view also

I feel a website or snapshot would be a better way of tracking sentiment like that, there’s heaps of options and ways to so it but it isn’t as sexy as N&T or dynamic plasma etc.