Introduce Yourself

Thought it would be good for anyone with developer or IT experience to post your skillset here. It will be useful for when we start putting together teams for development.

15+ years ICT consulting experience. No Dev experience but skilled in Microsoft, VMware and Citrix technologies and pretty much the full infrastructure stack.


Got a degree in IT and have been a fullstack developer for around 6 years now. I am more into making small projects and just having fun all around. I’ve the following skillset:

  • HTML/CSS/Javascript/Jquery/Nodejs
  • PHP
  • Coldfusion / Java
  • Python
  • C sharp
  • Photoshop / Premiere / Unity / Blender / FLstudio
  • SQL databases
  • Continuing on old projects
  • Coming up with ideas

I wont say I am a “good” programmer because I don’t care about making clean ultra organized projects. So I am probably not suited for core related NoM contributions. Also I have almost no knowledge on blockchains / smart contract etc. because I really don’t care about the financial side.

If you have any fun secondary projects you need help on then perhaps I can be of service. Already have got a couple of cool zenon related projects but prob too much work for free.


I’m a Real Estate Developer in the real world w/ > 30 years of experience. I have absolutely no IT “experience” but I’m really fucking good at google. I run an ISP on the side, I taught myself to code in python, I have a large IT infrastructure w/ HA setups in vmware and others, I manage several SANs for work, I ran my first BBS on a 300 baud modem when compuserve was around. I’ve setup probably 100 forums over the years, and I’m good at SEO. I taught myself everything with google and I’m a good problem solver. But don’t count on me to code anything for a production envt.

I did once go down the scrapy rabbit hole and got really good with it. I setup a mechanical turk to circumvent CAPTCHA and pulled a 6m line database with great data for my business.


Great idee. Will copy some from my CV.

Software Engineer
A self-taught Senior Software Engineer with 20+ years of IT experience with a great deal of selfdiscipline
and the ability to work with the minimum of supervision. Adept at going beyond that of a
developer to that of a user advocate, designer and tester. Able to play a key role in all aspects of
software development lifecycle to ensure that quality solutions meet business objectives.

01/2012 - Present

  • Designed and implemented a new composed product for a Building
    Management System within the first year of employment and supervised the complete handover of knowledge. Delivering a total of 125+ projects with an annual revenue of 300K.
  • Engineered and implemented a new composed product for the Fire & Safety and Alarm Evacuation market, supporting 13+ Fire Panel and 2+ Class A Alarm Evacuation installations. Delivering a total of 135+ projects with an annual revenue of 800K.
  • Engineered and implemented an IT infrastructure to automate the engineering process of company products, realising a 70% efficiency gain on labor costs.
  • Developed a business plan to transition from a product to servicebased business model by designing a Cloud platform in MicrosoftAzure, resulting in a wide range of additional services around existing products.

01/2006 - 02/2012

  • Fleet Management broker platform for the lower end market Maintained and improved Fleet Management software by implementing multiple Tracking Maps providers, Geofencing, Distance Calculation and a Fleet Messenger.
  • Designed and implemented a modular fault tolerant process chain for processing real-time device data of over 2000+ Tracking devices.
  • Designed and implemented query and reporting tools to quickly and easily generate real-time or scheduled reports in various formats.
  • Designed and implemented a device management administration website to remotely control, manage and monitor 6 different types of Tracking devices.

07/2001 - 12/2005,

  • Implemented Graph and Charting controls for in-depth market analysis for a real-time trading platform.
  • Implemented in collaboration with DB administrators a modular faulttolerant process chain for processing and monitoring over 1000+ transactions per second of real-time financial ticker data.
  • Implemented a generic user authorisation and authentication web service to solve interoperability issues between cross-border teams.

Programming languages
C# • Java • JavaScript • Visual Basic • PHP • Phyton •

Software methodologies
MVVM, MVP • Agile • SCRUM • IoC, DI, AOP • REST •

Markup languages
(X)HTML • Markdown • CSS • SVG • SOAP • XAML •
XSL-T, XSL-FO • ASP.Net Razor

Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert
AZ-400 (11/2021 - Present)

Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer
Associate AZ-203 (08/2020 - Present)


great start, anyone else want to add? We can eventually turn this into a Wiki post on the forum that can serve as a catalogue of community members and their skillsets for future proposals

I’ve been doing mostly backend-stuff for 5+ years. Strong background in Algorithms & such. Really into stonks & finance. In the last 3 years I’ve started taking an interest in the crypto space, learning about different protocols & such, mostly because of the algorithms behind and moon possibility :rocket:

  • JavaScript / TypeScript / NodeJS
  • C++ / Go
  • Solidity
  • can learn pretty much anything

At the moment, I work on a DeFi project as a full time job. Learned Solidity & GO on the job and would like to extend that knowledge to the best of my ability on the ZNN project.



Primarily a fullstack dev, about 7 years now. Working at a cryptoshop for about 3 years now, a P2P crypto trading platform. Setup the engineering and built the frontend platform on top of it. Previously with a well known ecommerce tech giant.

Core skills:

  • Python and Django
  • React.js, Next.js
  • Figma for design

Handy with product management and UX skills to take ideas to production.

Good enough at:

  • Solidity smart contracts
  • Devops, know my way around AWS with K8s and stuff. Believe in full devops automation.

Have experience building on ETH, BSC, Polkadot ecosystems.

I love building projects from scratch and frequently ship tiny stuff for personal use.