Incentivized Marketing Platform

“How to liberate the universe with ZNNAliens? While the current Earth is buzzed with scams, inflation, climate change, and toxic politics, we aliens know that the Earth’s salvation is the Zenon takeover, and that’s what we’re aiming to do with this project.”

Hello ZNNAlien community, hope all is going great despite the uneasy market conditions. I am personally hyped with all the latest developments happening in Zenon and I’d love to introduce a new project that will boost our brand awareness & marketing efforts.

The Problem? The lack of awareness & the impossibility of running ad campaigns to reach new audiences on social media channels.

The Solution? A brand new incentivized marketing framework allowing everyone to contribute and discover Zenon’s ecosystem by earning rewards.

Right now, I see some internal buzz around Zenon, but it’s quite small and segregated. Thus, I am working on an Incentivized Platform dedicated to Zenon that is combining marketing contributions, gamification, on-chain events, and off-chain data to reward aliens who drive the best results. It will start with the Twitter & Reddit API integrations, and after that we’ll gradually integrate Telegram, Discord and Youtube to cover the most important crypto social networks.

It will be a dedicated platform where aliens can join, link their Twitter profiles, and get rewarded based on their measurable marketing output very similar to Zenon’s Public Incentivized Testnet, but with a higher degree of modularization and integrations.

There will be a fixed amount of rewards distributed daily based on a liquidity pool (likely funded via A-Z), and based on the points gathered by solving quests, users will be able to transform them into ZNN & QSR.

The whole experience is meant to be collaborative and fun as the platform will feature multiple gamification elements with the scope of increasing engagement, motivation, and cooperative behavior among community members toward social marketing activities.

Here are some product mind-maps:

Starting with a quick wireframe of the platform:

Gamification comes into play to create a fun and memorable experience via human motivators.

I am certified in gamification and this is essentially mapping game elements according to human motivators (as I did below). I can obviously get deeper into this for whoever is curious, but here I created a rudimentary framework which will be implemented in the first version of the platform. Complexity will certainly come after validating community adoption and success.

Also, the nature of the quests by strategic & adoption reasons is highly important, so the users will have multiple hats:

  • Strategists: people who can create quests
  • Philosophers: people who can write engaging and immersive content
  • Engagers: doing manual work of engagement with the content to boost it up

Quests will be executed and rewarded considering several conditions stated in the quest design. Moreover, multipliers will be implemented based on several criteria: your fan base, awareness results, growth of the price, etc. so that the entire framework is performance-based, even if it implies a strong level of collaboration.

The outcomes:

  • Creating sustainable & more strategic marketing endeavors
  • Being rewarded for growing the community => positive price impact
  • Bringing more people to contribute to the network adoption

Development breakdown:

  • The entire backend is modular and very flexible meaning that the modules will be created via “drag’n’drop” (very easy for non-technical people to create quests), linked with each other (create complex scenarios), and the parameters will be user generated
  • Frontend design (React/Angular/other web frameworks)
  • API integrations with social media networks (Twitter API, Reddit API, etc.)
  • Implement anti bot activity: Buy & Hold mechanism


  • The MVP product is already developed, as well as the backend design architecture (50% done)
  • Gamification framework design (80% done)
  • Twitter API integration (30% done)
  • Storyline/Narrative (50% done)

Next steps:

  • Gather feedback from the community
  • Apply to A-Z for funding
  • Create the UI/UX design
  • Hire devs to finish the platform and integrations

Please let me know what do you think, I am open to feedback and I’m looking to apply for A-Z funds.


How is conversion success measured/validated/proven?

What assurances do you provide to ensure the funds aren’t used to pay for a platform that has not proven to be a conversion driver and might not break even for the community?

What quantifiable success metrics do you propose in order to trigger (partial) unlocks of AZ funds based on proven value delivered by your platform?

Who is in your team? This project is too extensive to do by one person alone if you want to do it right.

How does one get “certified in gamification”?

I’ll let mehowz ask about brand awareness and marketing related stuff… I’m here to ask about some updates regarding the bridge, you asked the community to test it, and we did, and addressed a tons of ui/ux issues, so what’s the next step? Also any news about the extension wallet? I think there are some updates that needs to be pushed to address several issues, the extension at its current stage is still barely usable (tons of bugs, ux issues…).


Are there any examples of marketing platforms in the wild similar to what you are proposing?

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Hey @dexter703,

Thanks for submitting your idea.

Here are some preliminary questions/comments that came to mind when I read your post:

  1. I quote “The Problem? The lack of awareness & the impossibility of running ad campaigns to reach new audiences on social media channels.” – that’s not true I’ve ran ad campaigns for crypto projects on Twitter, there’s tricks one can use that are pretty obvious if you experimented enough. I know that Zenon’s medium article mentioned this issue.

  2. Should the NoM reward for the Post, Threads, Comments, Space, RT’s, Like, Follows a marketer drives? Or should the NoM reward for the KPIs which matter to the network for growth? i.e. SYRIUS installs, completions of a certain funnels etc? I believe the latter.

I think the Marketing Framework problem is a blend of the following solutions:

a) A powerful content framework to develop funnels which are measurable.

b) An analytics system to measure and publish data publicly for all to analyze the performance of a).

c) A distribution / campaign link generation system that allows any Marketing Team to pick a category to focus on – and work their strategy to drive that conversion of the funnel (regardless of how many likes, retweets, posts he has to make to convert). The end conversion is what the NoM should be paying for, not the steps taken in-between.

d) The actual content / funnels developed and optimized by community contributors (aka what’s being built with Zenon.Org).

e) Finally the incentive system.

Looking at your proposal, you have an idea for e) but you’re missing a) b) c) d).

I think there’s potential opportunities to maximize your skills in Zenon Marketing Teams, but I wouldn’t support this idea at the current stage of the network.

What I would support:

Perfect the extension wallet. Work with @ZNNAYIID on reskinning it. Build some features which’ll allow Marketing Teams to embed triggers in their funnels/products that’ll allow users to interact with the chain. There’s likely so many other opportunities for that wallet extension coming with future ecosystem projects, you’ll want it to be pretty rich in feature and reliable.

My Attribute dashboard which powers b) c) will need a reliable extension to trigger a wallet connection to Zenon. From there if we can find ways to develop a reward program from the conversions available to us, we could explore ideas to collaborate together.

You seem like a developer willing to build stuff for the ecosystem which is great. My suggestion is to focus on one idea and perfect it / support it.

Feel free to DM me, I’d love to chat to you about the browser extension and the possibilities with it.


I’ve seen pretty powerful systems similar to this built already. I’d have to go through my Telegram messages to find one that was pitched to me for THORChain.

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