Flawed AZ phase voting

Happy that this is being discussed. My understanding is that a quorum is meant to be a minimum number of votes but since a quorum of yes votes closes the voting, a quorum can also be the max. And the vote can close rapidly. Voting should remain open long enough for each pillar to have a chance to vote if pillar engagement is a goal. What would happen if a quorum of no votes is reached just before a larger group of pillars were to vote yes? Unlikely, I know but still a possibility. Should a pillar owner rush to get a vote in or take some time to research? Agree with having some minimum time frame.

Either idea is an improvement. What is the quickest / most natural way to get this updated and how do we collectively determine what “this” is?

I like the addition of time, but I really think we should consider raising quorum to a higher number or more logically a percentage of total pillars.

I for one am confident the 16 yes votes needed will come with or without me. My incentive to participate is very low. We could look at the number of pillars that made the hard fork on time and use that as an anchor to raise quorum.

The main objective is to give more pillars more time to react.
We must achieve this without slowing things down too much and with minimal changes to the AZ logic.

These are the current options:


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I like option A. I don’t think it’s important when the quorum is reached, just that pillars have had enough time to assess and vote. 10 days maybe? But for major votes or for projects requesting large sums I think quorum size needs to be larger. At least half of the “active” pillars?

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I think I like Option A because no one will be surprised. Pillars would know they ALWAYS have X days for a vote, regardless of how popular it is.

I like option A as well. This would be a good improvement.

Both options would give pillars a minimum time to vote.

Yes, but the total time to vote in Option B is unknown.

Option A = Time is X
Option B = Time to achieve quorum (unknown) + Y

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Maybe 7 or 14 days then set a weekly reminder to check makes it simple

I like your proposal, sumamu.

Please consider positive/negative incentives for pillar votes: PROPOSAL: Apply Decay Multiplier for Pillars who do NOT vote - #14 by sol_sanctum