Explain why we can't sell wZNN for the first month?

Time delay afaik is to test the bridge. If it gets hacked to limit the damages

Yeah but “wait 30 to 90 days” is not a real strategy. Certainly there are criteria to lift restrictions. Why we are keeping them secret I don’t know.

I am sure in classic zenon fashion they are building something in the dark and 30 to 90 days will say “look what we built, now we can trade” OR “look at the medium article we wrote, now we need the community / devs to build / do a, b, c, d, e, f, g,… and then we can trade in 2024 which will be zenons year”

I don’t really understand why we have a 30 day moratorium.

If a hacker was trying to exploit the bridge, is it possible the buy/sell limitations would inherently prevent them from being successful?

We’ve created a bait situation without really announcing it anywhere. How do we even know if anyone will attempt to exploit the bridge?
We’re just sitting here waiting…? Hoping/expecting someone with the right knowledge will notice?
That’s the plan?

If anything, this enriches those who provided early liquidity at everyone else’s expense.

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Imagine the hacker after finding a way to exploit the lp saying : oh no now I only got 128 ETH and a worthless 160K wZNN to get from this pool because they limited adding to the lp for 30 days…

I mean if I was a hacker and found a way to exploit the contract, I’ll just wait for the 30 days so more liquidity is added then I will drain all the funds.
It’s not like you’ll find the vulnerability before the 30 days and fix it without him taking advantage of it.

This plus ignoring the criteria question is what I dont like…

@sumamu I was wondering if the bridge get hacked are you going to cover the victims?

Lol why would he do that? If you worked on the bridge and it got exploited will you cover your victims?
That’s why we have orbital funds to reward those who are willing to take the risk.

What orbital funds if bridge get hacked in the first month?
What orbital funds if 100k znn out of 160k znn are not getting rewards at the moment?
Mr.Kaine covered us on bsc, maybe he can sort something with Kaine.

I asked a similar question months ago but it wasn’t answered.

afaik our only recourse to compensate victims is a hard-fork like Ethereum did for their DAO hack.

Iirc kaine covered you using orbital funds

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