Developer insights from Telegram

A placeholder topic for valuable thoughts and insight from George, Dumeril and others on Telegram. Trying to figure out the best way to get them on here. In text would be useful for searching but images would also be good for validity.

Feel free to add things while I collate it all

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Maybe a cross post bot that gets activated as soon as a tg message is marked with a specific tag? Would prevent manual post migration, solve the validity issue, and make it searchable in here too.

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I tried like hell to find a bot that pushes messages from TG to Discourse. I could not find one. We can push from Discourse to TG no problem. Just not the other way around. I’ll spend some time to day looking again.

I did find this one.

I don’t have an account with IFTTT. I’ll try it today.


Looks like Ike this could work. I’m going to mess around with it today.


@sol_sanctum this is the post I was talking about

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JimmyDoge, [6/2/2022 7:42 PM]
Yes. What is the QSR coin for exactly? I’m researching now, thank you for your quick and informative responses…

George, [6/2/2022 8:17 PM]
[In reply to JimmyDoge]
My view of QSR is that it’s a reward you get for securing the network
Which allows you to use the network

QSR is gained from helping to secure the network
Adding pow (sentinels), locking up funds (staking), and ensuring price stability and token distribution (providing liquidity)

The first use case for QSR is fusing it for plasma
Plasma allows you to make feeless tx

The more QSR you fuse the more plasma you get

Plasma is like mana
When you make a tx it gets used up,
When the tx gets confirmed, you get the plasma back

So people who secure the network get more throughput

QSR also serves as collateral for network infrastructure

For sentinels you lock it
For pillars you burn QSR

So people who secure the network get to run infrastructure

It also serves a subtle but profound purpose
Progressive decentralization

Zenon was fairly launched
No VCs
Regular people lockdropped bitcoin to run our PoS validators called Pillars

The problem with most PoS networks is that the validator set never really decentralizes
People who run them can just keep spinning up validators

Even if the number of validators go up
The voting share of each entity doesn’t change too much

By requiring a QSR burn for more pillars, but only rewarding pillars with ZNN
It means they cant maintain the same voting share without adding additional network security for QSR

Pillars will have to choose between maximizing ZNN rewards through delegation
Or chasing QSR
ZNN provides native yield
While QSR doesn’t

The introduction of the second coin QSR enables us to be feeless but also solves one of the fundamental problems that most PoS networks have

Our little network is very nascent but very promising

Sugoi⚡️, [6/2/2022 8:30 PM]
In addition to George’s explanation, you can also read about the network here:

George, [6/2/2022 8:32 PM]
Our anonymous devs aren’t exactly fully transparent with their design choices
I think it’s because they need the consequences of those choices to be self evident
Otherwise those design decisions may not have actually achieved their purpose
It’s no good if the community only parrots what the devs say

I think more and more smart people will look at Zenon
How it solves some fundamental problems
And realize there’s nothing else like it

[In reply to Sugoi⚡️]
Good link though
Need to start with the surface level things that are directly expressed

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I think I could write a bot that takes in start and end TG message IDs and can scrape, format, and post “threads” to this forum.
Another idea for my list :smile:


I tried like hell many times to find a bot ready to go that would push TG to the forum. They do not exist. Or I cannot find one that works. But I think finding a way to push TG to the forum is a GREAT idea. I would fund this project too under a bounty.