Compile List of Telegram / Discord / Twitter Communities

Here are some tools I suggest the community uses to develop a list of Telegram, Discord and Twitter communities to organize AMAs and conversations:

  • Twitter: Followerwonk: Search bios for keywords relevant to our targeted audiences. Was renamed to Fedica. I purchased a subscription @$1000/year. DM me if you need me to reasearch stuff for you.
  • Telegram: Telemetr: The tool is available in Russian only, but you can use a browser-based translator to browse the site in any other language. I use Translate for Safari. The paid options seem to give you advanced search capabilities.
  • Telegram: TGStat
  • Telegram: TelegramDB: Powerful in a different way, you can identify which groups a handle is part-of. Requires the purchase of credits.

I had a bunch more for Discord but my tabs disappeared, will find and add them shortly.

Feel free to shortlist a bunch in this thread and discuss.

Current list (updated periodically):

  • Kids Cave (traders and OGs, always looking for new narratives)
  • BTC Machines (Ordinals)
  • Deezy Labs (Ogs Ordinals but also LN contributors)
  • Lobsters (DeFi devs, initially the Cronje clique)
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A few ideas for AMAs / Spaces

Kids Cave (traders and OGs, always looking for new narratives)
BTC Machines (Ordinals)
Deezy Labs (Ogs Ordinals but also LN contributors)
Lobsters (DeFi devs, initially the Cronje clique)

Thinking about more.

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What are some attributes you look-for when checking out channels/groups? The content discussed? Min number of members? Activity levels?

There’s also a bunch of Facebook groups. I think we should attempt to hit as many quality/relevant ones possible.

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Money in, possible aligned interests, what they could bring. In that order because I’m a degen :rofl:

How do you determine that

Because I know them. The above at least. Their own reach is also important I guess.

Right so stealth participation helps get familiarized with the group profile

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Some of the tools above that I posted can show you by who and how many times a channel is quoted in others, something like that. Seems useful to know how relevant a group is.

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It works for most but not all. For exemple Kids Caves is a private group of very wealthy people and won’t be mentioned anywhere. I can bring you in so you can stealth watch. I can also brief you about some individuals there. A lot of connection to other closed groups here, gem & co.

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Heh starting to think that some AI bot to read conversations over several weeks to determine such an audience profile could be useful.

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Can be useful but some information you’ll only get in dms overtime but yeah defo

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Let’s ask around our networks for relevant groups they recommend, referrals are also useful.

‘The Gem Hunters’ is a pretty large TG group

Also could be useful to chat with Bot Devs such as the TTF Bot which scans Eth contracts for scams - we could sell NoM if it mitigates any of those concerns

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Another community that could be interested in our tech would be the Cypherpunk Ghosts (

They are eager to work on Bitcoin and since Ordinals launched, they have opted to build rather than to extract value from the market. The cool thing is that they made an inscription that has a working terminal attached to it and you can try it out here:

Click it and input HELP for all of the commands. The Manifesto leads to “A Cyperphunk’s Manifesto” by Eric Hughes… Sounds a lot like NoM wants to do for the ecosystem.

Who is/will be reaching these communities? Are we just sending links or what is the next step? Communication should take the same form

No. Communication should be natural. Those are people, actual human beings. Engage with the community in a natural genuine way and go with the flow. Otherwise you’ll just look like an odd shitcoin ad.

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“in the same form” I meant for someone with technical knowledge to communicate… Are you already in contact with the mentioned communities?

Some yes

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While @Stark @0x3639 @angelo_a_jr and I are collaborating in ZenonOrg HyperGrowth re: narratives, we need to begin planning for outbound initiatives. I think AMA’s are an easy starting point while we develop relationships for more complex channels: YouTube channels / Publisher platforms.

  1. We need to form a community squad of willing, knowledgable speakers/writers/leaders to participate in the AMA’s.
  2. We need to start filling this media-interview-ama-calendar with AMA’s. The tools are listed at the top of this topic, just need someone willing to spend the time to work with ZenonOrg’s HyperGrowth squad to research, reach, propose and maintain the calendar. If no one in the community raises their hand, ZenonOrg can submit an AZ to hire someone on a part time / hourly basis.

Sorry for being so cut-throat/direct, time is up. We gotta get going on outbound activities.

Vote below:

  • Let’s find someone in the community to manage such role (within 7 days)
  • Hire someone ASAP and get going
  • Let’s not prepare such AMA’s
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