Community Marketing Initiative

I’m starting this thread to kickstart a community marketing campaign for Zenon.

We need good exposure in order to get more people interested in Zenon and attract new developers.

Let’s discuss strategies, funnels and marketing related stuff.


My recommendation to get started:

Campaign type: Community-led AMA’s
Audience: Gem Hunters / Infra Operators
Platforms: Telegram Groups / Discord / Twitter Spaces / Facebook Groups / Live Twitter Threads / Binance Live


  • Build a squad of AMA coordinators + writers/speakers (if live via voice).
  • Aggregate in the forums a public list of such groups that fit the above profile.
  • Develop a cold reach out approach i.e. how do you introduce Zenon to the group + ask for an AMA?
  • Develop an incentive for the group to participate. A giveaway of some ZNN/QSR funded via AZ? Could force AMA participants to receive their first ZNN/QSR + be asked to run an embedded node via SYRIUS. The goal is to have them experience the ease of syrius + speed of the network.
  • Shill the various roles available: delegator, staked, LP, pillar etc.
  • Transcribe the AMA’s to be reposted as Twitter threads in the outbound to promote both the participating channel/group, and the AMA. We can promise RT’s from ZenonOrg + other community handles.
  • If you want to track performance + prove value drive, make an Attribute link for every AMA (when sharing links). Though please advise users that the market for Zenon is no longer Stex + BSC. We’re going to release the new Zenon.Org shortly (currently can’t update the site, an issue with the host will break the website hence why I’m rushing to replace it with the new codebase+ infrastructure).
  • The participating channel/group should work with the campaigner for added exposure of the scheduled AMA event (RT’s / hype building etc).
  • Important: Should AMA campaigners be paid via AZ for their contributions? IMO yes. Any alien can take such campaign model and develop an AZ proposal.

With the upcoming funnel framework, we’ll be able to push users down a path to install syrius, connect to syrius with WC, engage in some way + measure conversions using Attribute links.

I originally found THORChain RUNE when I was participating in such groups in 2019. We’d get an AMA done + pool as a community to get an allocation of early RUNE tokens. Got a bunch of $0.01 RUNE, which then lead me to buy more + stake.


Ideally these campaigns are started once we can buy/sell wZNN.ETH


For @ZenonCommunity, want to build a following base? Organizing content like these AMAs is a good start!

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What are the best assets produced to date that we can provide for aliens to do +/- 30-minute AMAs in the communities you mention? Even a script to go off of to make it even easier for them.

You can start by searching “Project_Name + AMA” in Twitter and other platforms to build a list of potentially willing communities. Example:

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Script when starting the AMA:


Hello everyone! We’re excited to be here. We’re the community behind Zenon.Network, the self-evolving network globally deployed to shape digital economies of scale, powered by a worldwide community of innovators​. We’re here to share more about our project and answer any questions you have.


Zenon.Network is a decentralized, hyper-scalable global network based on a novel dual-ledger architecture. We’re driven by the ethos and principles of Bitcoin and we’re overcoming the current limitations of legacy blockchain systems through our unique architecture that can asynchronously process orders of magnitude more transactions​. Please take a moment to watch this video:


Our dual-coin economy is based on Zenon (ZNN) and Quasar (QSR), which work in synergy to power the ultimate protocol for creating digital value.


As a participant in our network, you can get daily rewards. The NoM offers attractive annual percentage yields (APY) for Delegators, Sentinels, Stakers, Pillars, LP’s.


We’ve also developed Syrius, a state-of-the-art non-custodial wallet for the Network of Momentum. With Syrius, you can store and manage your ZNN, QSR, and ZTS tokens in a cross-platform, user-friendly, and safe digital wallet​. It features an embedded more, and is continuously maintained/updated by our community of builders.


For developers, we offer a variety of SDKs written in the most popular programming languages. This allows you to interact with the Network of Momentum and build the future, today​.


Our Accelerator-Z is a DAO of DAOs with a protocol level treasury called Zenon Fabric, managed to fund ongoing operations, research & development, and new products and services to expand the ecosystem​. Anyone can submit a proposal on-chain.


We are proud of our welcoming community of entrepreneurs, builders, and innovators at the forefront of distributed ledger technology and Web3. We invite you to join us and be part of this exciting journey.


We’re open to questions now. Whether you’re curious about our technology, how to get involved, or anything else, feel free to ask!

GPT4 wrote all of that. I asked it:

We’re Zenon.Network, a crypto project looking to organize AMA’s. We’ll likely find telegram, discord, facebook groups to participate-with for cross-promotion of the project. Can you give me an AMA script which contextualizes Zenon.Network?

it’s missing the incentive, but that’s something the community will have to agree-to, and Pillars to vote-on IMO. They need to see a thorough proposal first!


Amazing, makes it very easy for folks to start sharing more widely.

Have found personally as well that Loom is a great way to passively get eyeballs and still allow people to engage async for the AMA format by just dropping it in the groups you’re referring to. This could go well for pieces like “The most robust L1 wallet in the market” or a deck walkthrough that @Shazz or literally this script above word for word.


Sure, we can host Twitter Space AMAs.

The key is to do them in conjunction with other communities.


Thorchain in mind? I can bring DogeWagnerCoupsInu in but I’m not sure they’re relevant

I can probably get the THORChain people rallied up.

Which platform is this handle on?

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Can we revive the pre-Alphanet public incentivized testnet?

Now that we have WalletConnect, we can do it without any Syrius integrations. We only need a nice web app. I think it will attract new people.


I’ve discovered Flooz and here are some interesting marketing offers:

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Embr is trusted by ambitious Web3 startups of every size and stage:

Claim your token and choose to integrate with low-code or pre-built solutions.

Anyone interested in setting up a Linktree?

We should also list wZNN on KyberSwap


Some popular ideas: The Rise of Web3 Quests: Exploring 5 Cutting-Edge Platforms

We may also want to use


Good idea. I recall seeing one somewhere before. Perhaps @Shazz had one?

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Also, just noticed this came out from Typeform. Could be a great way to show a Zenon/Syrius flow with a personal touch (some alien voiceover?)

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