Are you a Blockchain Developer? Accelerator Z is live

Accelerator Z is live! :rocket:

The DAO of DAOs with 900k $ZNN + 8.4m $QSR in funding available for community projects.

Accelerator Z is a decentralized, next-gen funding powerhouse for Web3 innovation - entirely governed by the Zenon community through the SYRIUS wallet.

The 130k $ZNN + 700k $QSR Hyperspace program marks the start of AZ. With a special focus on cross-chain interoperability solutions, Hyperspace aims at seamlessly connecting Zenon with any other L1s such as Bitcoin, Thorchain, BSC etc. via

:arrows_counterclockwise: Bridges
:arrows_counterclockwise: Merge Mining
:arrows_counterclockwise: Atomic Swaps
:arrows_counterclockwise: Feeless Transfers and more

In addition, AZ will fund and kick-start the development of

:cyclone: SDK Ports
:cyclone: NFT Products
:cyclone: DeFi & GameFi Apps
:cyclone: DEX & AMM
:cyclone: VM Integrations
:cyclone: Marketing Initiatives


  1. Install s y r i u s v0.0.5 from Release v0.0.5 ยท zenon-network/syrius ยท GitHub
  2. Submit a detailed application for an AZ grant including. Here is an Application Template.

:point_right: Benefits for the Community
:point_right: Budget & Use of Funds
:point_right: Roadmap & Deliverables

  1. Discuss and debate your proposal in the Zenon Community Forum, Zenon Telegram Channels, Community Discord, or Twitter
  2. Lobby, build, get funded, and experience the mind-blowing support of the Zenon community!

Follow the green :rabbit2:, get zenonized :alien:. Zenon.Network. Decentralized. Unified. For the People.


For #2 maybe you can mention the template :slight_smile: Zenon Network Accelerator-Z Proposal Template

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Done! Good call.

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