Active tasks

I figured it would be nice to have a thread collecting what are currently working on or planning to work on, besides potential AZ applications. Maybe it helps build synergies.

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I’ll start.

  • SDKs: I’m working on C/C++ and Common Lisp. Next step there will be implementation and testing of the abi stuff (key import, send and receive and such)
  • Accelerator-Z update channel: I’m actively working on that currently to improve the output data/format and also push to discourse and discord
  • zenoninfo: I’m working on an additional endpoint which shows the currently unlocked (not staked or locked for pillars/sentinels) tokens and additionally information about upcoming unlocks, so that we can be aware of potential changes in liquid supply
  • znnd: I’ve begun looking into the root cause of the memory problems
  • Syrius: Aiming to provide instructions for linux builds soon (assuming it’s not difficult)

The current SDK status table is here also if anyone is interested:

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The allien-valley team works at the moment on the JS SDK and on the AVL Token. We’d like to make one of the first tokens which are build on top of ZNN. Parallel to the JS SDK development, I’m trying to integrate the work directly into a Extension Wallet.

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I am currently low-key busy making an interactive visualization of the NoM using sigma.js and the znn.js SDK. I will be using this as a custom wallpaper for Wallpaper Engine. I want it to load real-time data on startup, should be doable ^^


I’m working on stabilizing the public node cluster. Nodes are going down constantly. I might need to up them to 16G each to see if that solves the problem. Memory climbs every day and they crash. Seems to be an issue with AWS. Once this is done we can “advertise” the node for public use. Webpage is

Working on a public page that will be used to attract developers to the community. Simple one page that will describe the project, provide technical details, provide links to learn more, and describe the grant program.


Just stsrted working on the C# SDK. Implemented primitives, model, client and api (rpc) only. Next will be abi and wallet support. Not sure if pow will work. Following test driven development and want to cover as much code as possible. Also planning on adding some code examples and trying to get it to work on multiple platforms.


Hello, here’s what I’m working on.

  • Finalizing Zenon Tools deliverables for WarpDrive.
  • Looking into integrating Pillar Tracker with the forum to post some of the events here (new pillars and reward rate changes).
  • Opened a small pull request that should fix this bug in syrius.

Also I’m making a PoC for handling custom URI schemes in syrius so that syrius could be opened directly from websites with parameters. I’ll probably make a post about this feature at some point to gather ideas.


Just curious, did you PoC the URI scheme?
If you’re working on other things and have any notes regarding that, can you please send them my way?

Yeah I did. I pushed the branch to GitHub (added only Windows support): GitHub - vilkris4/syrius at uri_scheme

It’s not production ready code but it’ll open a popup showing the URI that was used. Syrius has to be unlocked for it to show.

This got kind of buried under all the other stuff I was working on but I still think this could be a useful feature. We could define a URI specification for Zenon that any client could support. We could then add UI support to Syrius for the different actions.

Some examples of what the URIs could look like (the PoC branch uses zenondev as the scheme identifier):

Send transaction



Bitcoin payment URI scheme for reference: bips/bip-0021.mediawiki at master · bitcoin/bips · GitHub

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Thank you for sharing! I’ll give it a try on Windows to see what we can do.

I noticed that package doesn’t support Linux but this one does. It seems that we’ll need to setup .desktop support for Syrius on Linux in order to support URI handling and an icon for the app.

Before that, we should try to create a Linux package that’s compatible with snap or brew so our users can install Syrius correctly.

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